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Michal Zhebrovsky: biography, filmography and personal life

Michal Zhebrovsky played his first notable role in Jerzy Hoffmann's historical film "Fire and Sword", after which the actor became known throughout Poland as one of the most beautiful men in the country. How did Zhebrovsky's career develop after such a successful debut and what does the artist do nowadays?

short biography

Michal Zhebrovsky is a Polish actor born in 1972. From childhood, he knew that he wanted to be engaged in acting, so at the first opportunity he enrolled in a circle of reciters.

In 1991, Zhebrovsky became a student at the Warsaw Theater Academy. Even in the third year of the student with such a bright appearance, several directors were noticed and invited to their projects. First, Zhebrovsky appeared in a television show called "Samovolka", and then got a role in the thriller "Let's take a room".

When Michal graduated from the academy, he was invited to play at the Public Theater. Zygmunt Hübner, in which the actor worked for two years. With the theater at Zhebrovsky immediately everything turned out: the first debut on the theatrical stage was awarded a high award at the XIII Review of the theatrical schools in Lodz. Since then, the actor's career is firmly connected with the theater scene.

In the movie, Michal is removed infrequently. In his filmography only 25 works. This is not enough for a professional who started his career 22 years ago. But in 2010 the actor opened his own theater in Warsaw under the title "Sixth Floor".

Michal Zhebrovsky: movies. "Fire and sword"

"Fire and sword" is a picture that made Mikhal Zhebrovsky famous in at least seven countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Finland, Hungary, Spain and Russia - it was in these countries that Jerzy Hoffmann's famous film was shown in 1999.

The action in "Fire and sword" takes place against the background of the civil war of 1648, which covered part of the Ukrainian and Polish lands. Bogdan Khmelnitsky became the leader of the insurgents against the Polish citizens of the Cossacks and peasants.

Michal Zhebrovsky received a central role in the historical drama. His character, Jan Skshetusky, becomes a participant not only in the military actions in which he acts on the side of the Polish king, but also as the hero of the love triangle (Jan, Polish Princess Elena and the enamored Cossack Bogun).

"Fire and sword" was the most expensive Polish painting of the XX century. Its budget was 24 million zł. True, a year later this record was beaten by Jerzy Kavalerovich's drama "Kamo Gyodeshi".

Together with Mikhail Zhebrovsky in the historical film Jerzy Hoffman, Alexander Domogarov, Isabella Skorupko, Krzysztof Kovalevsky, Bogdan Stupka, Ruslana Pysanka and many other famous actors were shot.

Michal Zhebrovsky: the filmography. The Witcher

The "Witcher" was shown on Polish television in November 2001. Subsequently, its expanded version was released in the form of a mini-series. Michal Zhebrovsky, whose films have already earned the young actor glory, after the release of "The Witcher" on the screens turned into a Polish movie star number 1.

"The Witcher" is filmed in the style of fantasy based on the stories of Andrzej Sapkowski. In the role of the main character of Geralt Michal Zhebrovsky made a speech.

Geralt is a witcher, a mutant mutant born to help people. What he does, using superpowers and exterminating monsters, vampires, werewolves and other evil people bothering the peaceful population. Once he becomes under the banner of a small kingdom to protect him from the invaders. The Witcher Geralt is entrusted with an important mission - to return to his native land the abducted princess, and he goes to her search, everywhere destroying the enemies.

Michal Zhebrovsky well got used to the role of the magical "superman", for which he was nominated for the Orli-2002 award as the best actor.


Michal Zhebrovsky, whose filmography by 2002 consisted exclusively of Polish paintings, decided to try his hand at Hollywood and got a role in the Oscar-winning film "The Pianist".

According to the plot, the brilliant Polish pianist Vladislav Shpilman (Adrien Brody) has Jewish roots. And he has a hard time when the Nazis come to Poland in the 39th. The pianist miraculously escapes imprisonment in the Warsaw ghetto, but he has to hide from the Germans in rented apartments, and then in the dilapidated areas. Once he finds a German (Thomas Kretchman), but does not surrender to the Gestapo, but, on the contrary, feeds and brings clothes.

After a while, the Soviet army entered the city. Spielmann manages to avoid death, but it is not possible to save the German officer who gave him life: he dies in a Soviet prisoner of war camp.

Zhebrovsky played the episodic role of Yurek in the film.

"Mystery of Westerplatte"

Actor Michal Zhebrovsky continues to act in films in our days. One of his latest projects is the military film "The Mystery of Westerplatte."

Again the plot of the film takes us to September 1939. The attack of the Germans began with the destruction of the Polish garrison on the Westerplatte peninsula. Michal Zhebrovsky played in the movie of a real character - Henrik Sukharsky.

Suharsky from December 1938 to September 7, 1939 was the commandant of the Transport Warehouse at Westerplatte. When the massive German offensive began, he insisted on the capitulation of the Polish garrison. As a result, capitulation was still announced, and Henrik Sukharsky stayed in German concentration camps until the end of World War II.

Family and Children

Zhebrovsky married quite late - at 37 years old. His chosen one was Alexander Adamchik. By profession, the girl is a marketer. And younger than her husband by thirteen years. Michal Zhebrovsky, whose wife recently gave birth to a son, became a father exactly one year after the wedding.

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