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IZombie: actors and roles

Zombies have long ceased to be a novelty in the cinema. However, in recent years they seem to experience a second birth. Now the revived dead are represented in the cinema completely from an unexpected side, as, for example, in the series IZombie. The actors appeared in the roles of zombies, who found a way to live among the living.

Maciever Rose

The young actress, who starred in the series, was born in New Zealand. She was brought up in a family for which art was the main business of all life. In such an atmosphere grew Rose McIver and her brother Paul. Their father works as a photographer, and his mother writes pictures.

It is not surprising that children from early age showed an interest in creativity and in every possible way showed their talent. Parents decided to help them. So Rose first appeared on the screen. Her first role was in advertising. Then she appeared in a few more films on the sidelines. In those same years the girl studied at school and practiced dancing.

After graduation, Rose entered first to college, and then to the university, where she studied linguistics and psychology. She not only had time to study well, but also participated in various events. This once again convinced her of the desire to work in the cinema.

Rose McIiver had time to play movies while studying at school and college. Her filmography was replenished with projects for the channel "Disney". After graduation, the young actress decided to try her hand at other TV shows. So she first got a role in the project "Once in a fairy tale," where she played the fairy Dinh, and then she got the role of the zombie Liv.

David Anders

One of the main male roles in the series was performed by an American actor, who for a long time did not want to associate his life with the cinema. David was raised in a large family: he has two brothers and a sister. His father works as a doctor, and his mother is a housewife.

Anders showed interest in theatrical activities in early childhood. While studying at school, he participated in local productions and even went to summer camps for young actors. But during one of the rehearsals he heard an unflattering comment about his game, because for a long time he had an aversion to acting in his heart. Parting with an old hobby, David found a new one - athletics.

But already at seventeen, David decided to try his hand again. He received a small role in the local production of "Jesus Christ is a superstar." After that, Anders decided to continue to develop in this direction, having overcome his uncertainty. He became one of the most successful theater actors on the west coast. But outside the circle of theater-goers was almost not known.

True fame came to David after filming in the series. Many actors who took part in the series IZombie began with this. Like his colleague Rose, David starred in the series "Once in a Fairy Tale," where he played Dr. Frankenstein.

Malcolm Goodwin

Despite its essence, Liv found a way to live in the modern world next to living people. In this she was helped by friends, among whom was the hero, played by Malcolm.

Goodwin is from the American city of New York. From an early age, he impressed his acquaintances with his versatility. The most important of his hobbies was science. Along with her, there was sport: Malcolm played baseball. A little later, this list was supplemented by a passion for theater. This happened after the class, in which the future actor studied, was asked to write an essay on behalf of a famous person. Malcolm acted as a successful scientist and doctor. His answer so impressed listeners that the young man began vying to advise him to pay attention to the acting career.

After graduation, Malcolm began to study theatrical art. Before getting an invitation to IZombie (season 1), the young actor studied for a very long time. He not only attended lectures and practical classes, but also theatrical productions to learn from the masters. In passing, he received experience as a director and script writer. Malcolm shot a few shorts and music videos.

In the series about the zombie young actor got the role of a policeman who believes in the gift of Liv and with her help reveals the crimes.

Rahul Koli

When the actors were told about the IZombie TV series, the audience learned that only a few characters will know about Liv's real essence. Among them was the pathologist, with whom the main character is friends and works. Rahul Coley played it.

A young actor was born in Britain. His mother came from Thailand, and his father came from Kenya. They Rahul owes exotic appearance, which attracts filmmakers and casting directors.

Like many other actors who took part in the IZombie series, Koli even in his childhood understood with what he wants to relate his future life. He started playing in school years, and at seventeen began to conquer the scene. Theater fame came to him much faster than success in films. The role of the pathologist in zombie history can be called the first major and prominent role of the young actor.

The series IZombie attracts all those who like an unusual story, black humor and a detective. This unexpected mixture gave a positive result. In a short time, the project received so many viewers that it was decided to extend it.

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