What is the difference between a multivark and a pressure cooker?

The appearance of clever household helpers allowed to change a lot in the life of a woman. Now all household chores are performed much faster. Cooking at the moment can be significantly speeded up and simplified by using modern home appliances. Such devices as multivarkers and pressure cookers can be attributed to this category. With their help, you can not only significantly simplify the process, but also make it independent of your presence.

An important question in choosing these devices relates to what is the difference between a multivark and a pressure cooker? If you compare the technical characteristics and functionality of these devices, you can easily find out which will be the right choice.

The pressure cooker is a universal pan that allows you to cook three times faster. Time is shortened by the thick walls of the product, as well as the lid, which closes tightly. The cooking is carried out on the fire, inside the dishes all the ingredients are under pressure, which makes the process three times faster. However, such a process is unsafe to leave unattended. If we talk about what makes a difference between a multivarker and a pressure cooker, then in the first one you can cook everything, and even bake it, and in the second you can not bake. In the pan, all the ingredients are placed simultaneously, and during the cooking process, the lid can not be opened. The pressure cooker allows you to stew, cook and cook for a couple. Modern electric models are equipped with a large viewing window, through which you can observe the whole process. And yet the pressure cooker has such a weighty advantage over the rest of the devices, like a high speed cooking.

The difference between a multivark and a pressure cooker is an additional equipment with an electronic "stuffing" that controls all the cooking processes. This is an advanced device equipped with a mass of additional functions. The pressure cooker is similar to a pan that closes hermetically, equipped with a programmable control, which allows you to control all stages of cooking. Intuitive control allows you to select the desired temperature mode, the desired cooking program. You can set the time, then lay all the ingredients and close the lid - the device will be able to independently prepare your favorite dishes. The main difference between the multivarker and the pressure cooker allows you to safely leave the device and go shopping or somewhere else. Since this device functions in the usual mode, with the help of it you can cook everything, and even baking. Cooking is done without access to air using a minimum amount of water, so all food turns out to be useful and tasty.

The difference between a pressure cooker and a multivarker is a poorer functional. In addition, it requires a lot of attention. However, few people are very worried about this difference. The multivariate and pressure cooker are very useful devices that have certain advantages. The first device can be used for cooking, laying everything in advance and setting the timer so that everything is ready for your arrival or awakening, and the pressure cooker allows you to quickly get the result in case you have little time.

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