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How to teach a child to ride a bicycle: advice to parents

A cold winter has passed, a sled and a snowboard are abandoned. For children, it is time to anticipate a warm and cheerful summer. Many mothers and dads have already decided in advance what their child will do for a walk. Parents who preferred to buy a bicycle, were not mistaken in their choice. After all, this means of transportation can serve not only for a pleasant pastime, but also for strengthening the health of your baby. Some children already know how to operate this transport. There is a problem if the kid does not know how to drive at all. You can give some tips on how to teach a child to ride a bike.

Children up to 5 years old

From early childhood, parents attach their child to this vehicle. They ride it on a bicycle, and the baby is very pleased. Older children begin to be taught to ride on the unit, which has two or more main wheels attached to the back of one or two for balance. The number of wheels on a bicycle depends on its name - three-wheeled or four-wheeled. The child perfectly feels, being in a saddle of such bicycle which it is easy to operate. On such a stable transport it is quite difficult to get injured.

Children over 5 years

Parents whose children are already familiar with a three-wheeled or four-wheeled bicycle will almost never have to puzzle over how to teach a child to ride a bicycle. You just need to remove the extra wheels and teach the kid to keep his balance.

Basic rules for teaching cycling

Children are good at learning and understand better if they are interested in it. If the child is not tuned to learn to drive, then do not obsessively and rudely insist on it.

It will be great if you pick up the day when the whole family can go to relax in the park. And if there are bicycle paths there, then you can give pleasure to your kid, driving with him. Let him drive the bike himself, it's easier to get used to it. When a child tries to drive a bicycle, he, above all, learns the balance. Also, the kid needs to feel its heaviness and learn how to drive at the corners. This will keep him from falling.

At first, the baby can not do something, it is advisable not to make fun of him. Just explain or show him how to do it right. You can use the bike as a scooter during training. The child himself must take the helm in hand, then put one foot on the pedal, the second foot he should push off and go. This method trains the balance and teaches you to properly hold the steering wheel. Just be sure to go near him. This will help in a timely manner to support the child in case of a fall.

Baby is already confidently coping with the bike? Now you can teach him how to keep his body balanced while riding. To begin with, you do not need to drive very fast.

And now came the long-awaited moment of an independent trip. Well, if there is a nearby path with a curb. From it, it will be easiest for the child to push off and go. When he sits on a bicycle, he should push one foot from the curb and resume driving. The other leg should be on the pedal. If he has already learned to keep his balance with the help of the rudder, he will immediately go, albeit slowly. You must go with him alongside, creating conditions for safe driving.

There is another option of how to teach a child to ride a bicycle. Sometimes children feel insecure and afraid of this transport. This fear inhibits the baby, and he does not dare to learn how to ride. In order for a child to study more peacefully, choose a place where there are no obstacles, wherever he feels free and relaxed. The child should be put on the saddle of the bicycle, and let him turn the pedals. You need to go quietly and slowly. The kid, keen on the ride and enlisting your support, will be able to go without himself.

A child can not always learn to ride a bicycle. Be sure, after all, in a couple of days he will ride it no worse than other children.

Even after the child has learned to ride well, in the early days do not let him go alone without escort. Ride with him on bicycles. So once again you can be sure that he learned the rules of driving.

What kind of bicycle to buy a child?

Parents should choose the right bicycle for the child from the assortment that is available in the store.

Children's products have their own classification:

  • From a year to 3 years - the diameter of the wheels is not more than 12 inches;
  • From 3 to 5 years - no more than 16 inches;
  • From 5 to 9 years - 20 inches;
  • For the senior adolescence - from 24 inches.

Do not buy a bicycle for growth. It should be a fit for a child, otherwise it will be uncomfortable for him to ride. The bicycle should always be adjusted seat height and there are different types of brakes that will ensure the safety of your baby.

It is not recommended to purchase heavy models, children may not be able to remove them from the apartment (the entrance or the elevator), as well as start back. With a heavy bike, the child will experience discomfort.

How to teach a child to ride a bicycle, we have already found out. Just need to give the baby more attention and support. And joint walks on bicycles will bring pleasure not only to you, but also to your child.

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