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Children's bicycles Puky: customer reviews

For any child, the first ever personal transport, not counting the stroller, is a bicycle. It is on him that the baby begins to feel independent. According to many parents and experienced professionals, the ideal option for such an acquisition can be considered to be Puky bicycles.

European competitor

It's no secret that in Russia there are several enterprises that manufacture vehicles for children. This is the famous company "Stealth", the well-known company "Forward", the company "Stark", the Kaliningrad plant, which manufactures goods of the brand "Navigator", a bicycle factory in Penza and many others. The products of these enterprises have long been familiar to customers and already have their fans. But the market is not limited only to domestic goods. The whole world is well known for Puky bicycles. They have been produced in Germany for more than 60 years. Annually through the trading network of European stores is sold about five hundred thousand units of this company. Buyers are attracted by the high quality of the product, its complete safety and unlimited shelf life. The management of the company makes the highest demands on its products. And indeed, Puky bicycles are worthy of such an assessment. Not only specialists and parents agree with this statement, but also the kids themselves.

Range of products

The company for 60 years of work has completely studied the needs of its main user. She knows exactly what children need. A wide range of products is amazing for its variety. There are wheelchairs, runovels and scooters for the youngest, unicycles and pedal cars for older children . But the most popular, of course, are the Puky bikes. They are represented by a variety of models depending on the age of the child. A rich assortment allows you to choose the right option, based on the needs of future owners. In these products everything is thought through to the smallest detail. Starting with a well thought out design and ending with a stable powder paint, which is absolutely safe for children and completely non-toxic, everything is aimed only at convenience and safety. Before appearing on the counter of the store, the product must pass a sufficiently serious and thorough testing. Every detail must be tested. This condition is the principal position of the company.

Three-wheeled acquisition

Big demand for young parents enjoys a tricycle Puky. It is represented by several models that are fundamentally different from each other. Among them we can distinguish:

  1. PUKY Fitsch - for children from 80 to 92 centimeters with noiseless wheels, safe handle, wide and stable base, as well as a comfortable seat with a special handle for transporting the vehicle.
  2. PUKY Cat IS - the model is designed for a child up to 104 centimeters. It has a removable handle (for the convenience of parents), as well as a folding trunk with a lock. There is a manual brake and a separate lock pedals on the front wheel.
  3. PUKY Cat IL - the model differs from the previous inflatable wheels.
  4. PUKY Cat ILS - a special stand is added here for the feet.
  5. PUKY Cat S6 - in this instance the handle for mother is modernized, the capacious bag is added, the seat is improved and locks on all mobile units are established.

Such a tricycle Puky can be considered an excellent acquisition. Needless to say, the color of transport can also be selected?

Customer Reviews

Everything is relative. Therefore, before buying a thing, you always want to hear different opinions from outside. It is worth noting that all parents who at one time bought a bicycle from Puky company, the reviews leave exceptionally positive. All speak in one voice about the strength and reliability of the design, note its functionality and beautiful design. Children are happy to ride these bicycles. A child at any age can not easily manage it. To begin with, you need to read the instructions, learn all the levers and conduct a small test drive. It is worth noting that absolutely any road is suitable for such transport. The baby will be equally convenient to go both along the asphalt, and along the country street. This noticeably pleases both rural residents and lovers of holiday homes. There is no doubt that any child will like the bike manufactured by Puky. Parents' reviews fully confirm this.

Confidence in the future

Children's bicycles Puky - this is a thing that can serve several generations. The developers and technologists of the company have done everything possible for this. Every detail is thought out to the smallest detail and is chosen perfectly. For example, in the latest version of the three-wheel model, elastic seat belts are provided. This is not only necessary, but also very convenient. For example, the baby is tired and falls asleep on the go. Mom has to constantly monitor that the child does not fall down the road. With the help of a new device, this issue is completely resolved. But the security guarantee is not just that. The fact is that all the basic details of the design are metal. Only accessories are made of rubber and plastic. This makes the bike very durable, reliable and durable. He will not break down right away in the first days, but will be able to serve younger siblings for a long time. By purchasing such a thing, the buyer gets full confidence that he made the right choice.

Towards Adulthood

All children dream of being adults or at least appearing like that. Of course, it's nice when peers respectfully look at you from the bottom up and quietly envy. This is the best possible help released by Puky two-wheeled bicycle. It is provided for children from three to six years. It is at this time you want to grow up the most. The model is very interesting and has many accessories. The seat is comfortably adjusted in height, and depending on the age, you can pick up wheels of different diameters. The steering wheel has handles with a comfortable grooved rubberized coating. On his hands do not slip and do not sweat. Inflatable wheels make the course softer and help to smooth out any possible irregularities on the road. Separately in the retail chain you can buy small rear wheels. They will help maintain confidence and keep the balance for novice cyclists. At the time of training, senior help will not hurt, so the developers have provided for the presence of an additional holder. This handle is attached to the seat from the back and allows parents to control movement at the very beginning. Subsequently, it can be easily removed. When you look at such a car it becomes clear what people did that are very fond of children.

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