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TFK - strollers for children: photo and reviews about the best models

TFK manufactures goods for children, following the unshakable German tradition of quality. The brand name Trends for Kids literally translates as "fashionable for children." And, indeed, in addition to unconditional quality, the manufacturer follows the style, trying to produce goods that correspond to fashion trends. Today, the main products of TFK are strollers, famous throughout the world, due to some features, design and characteristics.

Form style

At the heart of the design of the entire children's transport company lies a combination of sporting characteristics, simplicity and conciseness. Many models of wheelchairs are built on three-wheeled frames. The manufacturer paid much attention to weather and twins: the choice of models with two seats is really wide. TFK - strollers designed for active moms and dads who go in for sports, travel, walk for a long time and do not slow down the usual turns after the birth of the kids. At the same time, the manufacturer is sure that the comfort and safety of the child are the obligatory and most important conditions.

Sellers of children's goods assure that many of the strollers produced by this brand are similar to each other. Of course, common features are present, but each model has its own distinctive features. Consider the most popular and interesting baby carriages presented by the company in the market of baby products.


TFK - strollers designed for European countries, so they meet high standards of quality. All materials used for the manufacture of children's transport pass mandatory certification.

The fabric elements of the wheelchairs are made of environmentally friendly materials that do not soar in the heat and do not freeze in the cold season. For tender baby skin, these materials do not present any threat, therefore they do not cause irritation and allergic reactions.

Models 2-in-1 for one child

Some strollers are made on the principle of a transformer, so that parents do not have to buy additional transportation when the kid walks not only to sleep, but also actively interacts with the outside world. The same unit is transformed into a cradle and a walking seat.

But many models have two blocks: a cradle and a seat with a fold-out backrest. By this principle, for example, the popular model TFK X4, equipped with four large inflatable wheels and everything necessary for the mother and baby is built. The features of this model include the following:

  • Built-in hood handle;
  • Loose leaf for babies;
  • Mosquito net, raincoat;
  • Side pockets in the cradle;
  • Additional hand brake;
  • Height adjustment of the handle.

Carriages TFK Twist Joggster - no less popular model. She fell in love with young active parents. This stroller is built on a three-wheeled frame, the front large wheel imparts excellent cross-country ability and maneuverability to the product as well as sports features. When driving on a bad road (gravel, paving stone), it can be fixed to the "only forward" position, which will facilitate the management. It is worth mentioning about other features: the seat is quite large in comparison with other children's transport, a voluminous convenient basket, adjustment of the handle, a reliable brake. Owners of old releases of this model often write about a small cradle, but, judging by the reviews, this problem is finally solved in the new collection.

Is this a drawback? In any case, the cradle that is suitable for the base can be bought separately instead of the one that, for example, was inherited, but was not convenient enough. By the way, many mothers who purchased the model on the secondary market note that even after two children it does not look old. As with most German products, the TFK transport's wear-resistant capacity is simply enormous.

There is also a feature in this model, which, judging by the responses, seems to many to be a disadvantage: the seat is attached only to the front.

Carriages-transformers for weather and twins

This Bolivar can not stand two, and the TFK Duo stroller is sure to be lucky! And not only it, because in the model range of the company there are many options for two passengers.

The manufacturer is loved for this not only by the parents of twins, but also by those whose families grow up with ponies. Many (but not all) popular models of TFK are presented in both versions. Convenient option, present on all transformers - the ability to install two seats, two cradles or a seat and a cradle. This is especially valuable for those whose children have a different regime.

Walking patterns

Among the products there are several models designed specifically for children over six months. The most common products are TFK Dot and TFK Buggster, although the latter has recently been also possible to install a cradle thanks to special adapters.

The manufacturer gives the opportunity to the buyer to choose any model for one or two children in the package "just a walk". In addition, you can buy a stroller with two chairs and only one cradle, if necessary.

Accessories and accessories

The manufacturer offers quite good sets. In addition to the stroller, the buyer usually receives a mosquito, a raincoat, a pump for the wheels. Many models are completed with liners for kids, warmed cloaks.

The models can be different in different years. For example, the TFK Twinner for twins was earlier produced with one large hood covering both seats, and later it was equipped with two autonomous hoods.

In addition, you can purchase some accessories. Many parents complain that the choice is not great: for example, you could expand the range of branded bags, organizers. But TFK transport can be easily selected from different manufacturers, as well as install a car seat.

Price list

TFK - strollers, which belong to the upper border of the middle price segment. Their cost is higher than that of Polish and Chinese products, but compared to the goods of European and American brands, prices can be called quite democratic.

The factors influencing the cost include, first of all, the year of manufacture and equipment. Of course, the price directly depends on the number of seats. For example, the TFK Twinner Twist stroller with two cradles will cost 78 000 rubles, and the walking version for twins - for 20 000 rubles. Cheaper.

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