Anal suppositories. Candles from anal fissures

When injuring the rectal mucosa on its surface, small abrasions and wounds, called anal fissures, can occur. As a rule, the reason for this is the propensity to chronic constipation, the presence of hemorrhoids or the effects of physical effort (for example, lifting the gravity). In women, a similar problem often occurs during pregnancy or childbirth.

Anal cuffs are used to get rid of a painful ailment that greatly complicates and makes a very painful act of defecation.

How to manifest anal fissures

Specialists distinguish two forms of development of anal fissures - acute and chronic. In the first case, the patient has acute pain during defecation, spasm of the sphincter, increasing pain and making them throbbing, as well as spotting from the anus during a visit to the toilet. When a crack is infected, permanent anal itching may appear.

In chronic form, the pain may be mild, or even absent altogether, which, of course, does not mean the disappearance of the problem.

As already mentioned above, for the treatment of this pathology, candles from anal fissures with analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect are prescribed. Sometimes, in order to strengthen it, the patient is given additional special trays, and in complicated cases - injections.

Where to start anal fissure treatment

If the cracks appeared due to an exacerbation of hemorrhoids or a tendency to constipation, then treatment should begin with the normalization of the stool. Until the problem of dense stools disappears, cracks, naturally, will appear again and again.

Only regulating the transit of the contents in the rectum will allow you not to return all the time to the problem of occurrence of new cracks. And finally, you can help them with candles to treat anal fissures.

How do healing candles work?

The effect of the described suppositories is mainly aimed at enhancing the regeneration of damaged rectal tissues. To these properties, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects are often added.

The most popular candles from anal fissures, including an analgesic, are "Anestezol", "Ultraprotect", as well as candles with calendula and "Procto-Glivenol". As an anti-inflammatory drug, a suppository containing shark liver oil is considered to be particularly effective, "Relief".

In the treatment of cracks, it is important not to start pathology, since if it is not cured within a month, then the healing process will be more painful and even surgical intervention may be required.

Candles anal anti-inflammatory

The anti-inflammatory effect of suppositories is one of the main ones in the treatment of both cracks and hemorrhoids. Let's list the preparations in which it is especially expressed:

  1. These include "Salofalk" - a powerful remedy, the active substance of which is mesalazine. This drug should be used three times a day. But patients with violations of the kidneys and liver, as well as with peptic ulcer, these candles are contraindicated.
  2. Anal candles with propolis are very popular as a wound-healing anti-inflammatory drug. They can be administered only once a day (before bedtime). Treatment is carried out for 7-10 days. They have practically no contraindications.
  3. The drug "Anuzol" has a strong antiseptic, drying and anti-inflammatory effect, which manifests itself within 20 minutes after the administration of the candle. It is also effective in burning, tingling or irritation in the anorectal area. Contraindicated in diseases of the prostate, tachycardia, heart failure, as well as pregnant and lactating.
  4. Also effective are methyluracil suppositories, not only relieving inflammation, but also enhancing tissue regeneration and possessing protective properties.

Pain analgesics anal

Not all rectal suppositories produce an analgesic effect. It, naturally, depends on the active substances of the preparation and their concentration.

One of the good means for relieving pain is the Neo-Anusol candles, which can bring relief not only with cracks, but also with prolonged, wetting hemorrhoids. No less effective is the preparation "Ginkor Procto", which saves from pain and itching in the anus. It is used as an anesthetic and after surgery for hemorrhoids.

For pregnant and breastfeeding find "Natalside" candles. Alginic acid, which is a part of the suppository, has the ability to swell in the liquid and envelop the walls of the rectum, which relieves the pain sensation. The same candles within 7-8 days can reduce the inflammatory process, and after 2 weeks, as a rule, complete recovery also occurs.

How to inject an anal candle

In order for the action of rectal suppositories to be most effective, the patient needs to observe certain rules:

  1. Candles in the anus are inserted only after the bowel has been emptied (if you can not do it yourself, put yourself in an enema).
  2. Prepare wet wipes and lie on your side. In this case, bend your knees - this position is the most convenient for the introduction of a candle. But you can carry out the procedure and lying on your back, placing a roller under your buttocks or kneeling and resting your elbows.
  3. Before you enter the suppository, relax and inject it slowly. To facilitate the introduction, you can lubricate the anus with a baby cream or petroleum jelly.
  4. Anal candles are inserted on the length of the index finger, after which the buttocks are reduced and held for a couple of seconds in this position.
  5. Wipe your hands with prepared napkins and lie down about half an hour. During this time, the drug will have time to suck in the rectal mucosa and begin its healing effect.

A few more tips

  1. Most often candles are administered twice a day - in the morning and in the evening, but sometimes one procedure is enough, and in some cases it is done three times a day (always the last one is done at night).
  2. If the procedure immediately aroused a strong desire to emptying, then after going to the toilet it will have to be repeated.
  3. Remember that the injected anal candles can leak.
  4. If after the introduction of a candle you have painful sensations, be sure to inform the doctor about it. Perhaps, this drug will have to be replaced with another one.

Experts advise patients during the treatment to refrain from acidic, acute and salty foods, as well as from alcohol, which can irritate the wound surface.

Within two weeks the patient should cause a chair only with the help of an enema and avoid foods that can cause relief, as liquid feces, getting to the bottom of a crack, usually causes not only burning, but also infection of the wound, which affects the course of the disease badly.

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