"Dicinon": application, properties of the drug, contraindications to admission

Active ingredient of the preparation "Dicinon" is etamzilate - a substance with hemostatic (hemostatic) action. The mechanism of its influence is explained, first of all, by the influence of etamzilate on the formation of platelets. In addition, in a place where the vessels are damaged, the formation of thromboplastin, which "starts" the coagulation of blood, is activated as a result of taking the drug. Due to this, bleeding (capillary, parenchymal) as a result of the application of "Dicinon" stops efficiently and quickly enough.

This remedy is used primarily to prevent and stop bleeding during surgery. So, the "Dicinon" reception can be recommended for ENT surgery, in particular, for the removal of tonsils, as well as for operative ophthalmology, gynecology and dentistry (tooth extraction, dental cysts). In addition, it is used to stop pulmonary and intestinal bleeding. Activate the drug begins within 5-10 minutes after the injection, or one and a half to two hours after ingestion. "Dicinon", the use of which in surgery is due to its pronounced hemostatic properties, can be used locally. In this case, a tampon or a sterile gauze moistened with a solution for injections is applied to the wound surface.

"Dicinone" is available in tablets and in the form of a solution for injection, which can be administered both intravenously and intramuscularly. In addition to etamzilate, tablets "Dicinon", the use of which should be done with caution, contain the usual auxiliary substances for this dosage form: magnesium stearate, lactose, corn starch. One tablet contains 250 mg of ethamylate. The daily dose of the drug is calculated based on the weight of the patient and indications for use: the adult usually is 10-20 μg per kilogram of body weight, the infant is 10-15 μg. It is supposed to be divided into three or four receptions. "Dicinon" with uterine bleeding, including with menorrhagia, is prescribed courses lasting several weeks. The daily dose in this case will be, on average, 1.5 g. In emergency cases, the dose of "Dicinon" is determined by the doctor, based on the situation.

Thus, "Dicinon", the use of which must be carried out exclusively under medical supervision, is a sufficiently strong drug. For his admission should be a serious indication, otherwise the likelihood of adverse effects of this drug on health.

Unfortunately, many people treat this drug lightly. So, women, relying on the advice of their girlfriends, use this tool to stop menstruation - for example, if the beginning of the cycle coincides with any trip. However, it should be remembered: "Dicinon", the use of which is limited to serious indications, in no case should you prescribe yourself! Unauthorized reception, especially overdose, is fraught with serious consequences, up to the thrombosis of the vessels of the brain. Some doctors say: "Dicinon" can be taken no more often than once a year without negative health consequences.

This drug, both in the form of tablets, and in the form of a solution for injection, you can buy in pharmacies without showing a prescription. However, this is absolutely not evidence of its harmlessness: it should be used with caution, following all medical recommendations. "Dicinon" with bleeding during menstruation is better not to use at all: instead it is worth trying more gentle hemostatic agents on a plant basis - for example, alcohol tincture of water pepper.

It should also be taken into account contraindications to its reception: it is, first of all, propensity to thrombosis, thromboembolism in the anamnesis, some blood diseases. During pregnancy, he is prescribed only for very serious indications.

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