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Exquisite interior of the living room in the style of Provence

Decorated in the style of Provence, the living room is a bright spacious room that is full of sunlight. Its walls are always light, sometimes snow-white. Can have gentle shades of lavender, ocher, turquoise. They can be perfectly smooth or covered with textured plaster, which will resemble natural materials.

Wooden beams on the ceiling are also better painted in white. On the floor used natural materials or their imitations - stone, wood.

The interior of the living room in the style of Provence involves the use of antique furniture. In the very south of France (where this style came to us) for many years there has been a good tradition to leave pieces of furniture for their children and grandchildren. For the sake of the beauty of this style, the existing furniture is artificially old.

The interior of the living room in the Provence style will look more refined if you use furniture made of wrought iron or wood. It is desirable that it resembles a French boudoir. It is necessary to avoid dark, saturated tones, use pastel, light, sunny shades. For example, the most common textile, which complements the interior of the living room in the style of Provence - a small floral print on a white background. It will be interesting to look and rough cotton with a pattern.

The design of the Provence-style living room is impossible without the use of accessories. One of the most important is the chandelier. It should be made of forged metal and have an exquisite shape. You can install a lamp with a fabric shade.

Style Provence in the interior of the living room welcomes the presence of a large number of family photos, which can be hung on the walls or put in frames. In the living room on the table there is always a vase of fruit. It is believed that they remind us of a fabulous summer on the Cote d'Azur.

In the south of France it is accepted that not only the living room, but also other rooms of the house be drowned in flowers. On the windowsills will be appropriate house plants in beautiful pots, and on the table you can put a vase with garden flowers. Original figurines, candlesticks on the fireplace, beautiful vases - all this can decorate the interior of the living room in the style of Provence. The window does not need to be decorated with a complicated drapery, give preference to simple curtains with frills and ruches. It will be quite appropriate handmade products: wicker rugs, knitted tablecloths, covers on chairs and armchairs.

This interior is good primarily because it creates a special home environment, which will be cozy for your family and friends. If you feel that the style of Provence is close to you, then do not confine yourself to the design of one room. Let him reign throughout the house, giving him refinement and simplicity.

The inhabitants of Provence, which is located in the very south of France, are known for their hospitality. That is why the question of decorating the living room is very important for them. Usually already in the hallway, guests should feel the Mediterranean history of the house, and the culmination should be your living room. Provencal style should be felt in everything: texture, shapes, colors.

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