Lessons of needlework. How to make a topiary made of cotton pads?

One of the most popular decorative elements in the interior today is the topiary. This small handmade artificial tree fascinates with its beauty and originality. Craft such souvenirs from a wide variety of materials: paper, flowers, coffee beans, sweets and fruits. But very few people know that it is possible to make a topiary made of cotton wool. From such a simple and accessible material is obtained a very tender and pretty tree. In this article we will tell you how to make such a topiary with your own hands. Photo of such souvenirs and the necessary material for their implementation, you can also see here.

Learning to make a tree. Stage of preparation

To perform a souvenir you will need:

  • Cotton wheels;
  • A foam ball or a tangle of yarn;
  • Sewing thread in the color of discs;
  • Dry wooden stick;
  • A flower pot or any other similar container;
  • gypsum;
  • Yarn of green color;
  • Glue "Moment", "Dragon" or thermo-gun;
  • A stapler;
  • Artificial greenery;
  • Thin satin ribbon;
  • Decorative elements: beads, steklyarusy, figures of birds, butterflies.

We make a topiary made of cotton wool

Flowers. Wool the disk with a "roll" and from the bottom wind it with a thread or fasten it with a stapler. Unscrew the top of the workpiece outwards and straighten it. It turns out the product in the form of a rose flower. Execute such 10-12 elements. If necessary, then you can add.

The basis of a tree. In a foam ball, make a hole and paste a wooden stick into it, which will serve as a barrel. Following the instructions on the package with gypsum, dilute this material and pour into the container. In the middle, insert your tree. Hold it for a few minutes, letting the base stiffen a little.

Decoration of the product. Glue the entire surface of the flower ball. Between them, attach the leaves. The trunk of a tree is wound with a colored ribbon or wrapping paper. On the surface of gypsum, glue artificial greens, beads or glass beads. On the pot, tie the ribbon from the ribbon. Topiary made of cotton wool ready.

Such a souvenir can be decorated with beads, bows, decorative butterflies, lady's cows or birds.

Little tricks

If you do not have a foam ball, then as a basis you can take a ball of yarn. Wrap it with white paper and tape. Then fasten the flowers on top. Such a topiary made of cotton wheels will also look beautiful.

As a stand, you can use plastic packages from products (yogurt, sour cream, mayonnaise). To make them look aesthetically pleasing, wrap them with a piece of cloth or wrapping paper, and tie the ribbon from the top.

You can decorate the flowers with a hair spray with sparkles. Slightly drizzle on the "crown" with this material and allow to dry. This will give roses not only a shine, but also strength.

Run the "tree of happiness" by virtue of each of you. As you could see, the materials for the topiary are used the most simple and inexpensive. And as a result you get a fabulously beautiful souvenir that can become not only an ornament of the interior of your home, but also a wonderful gift to your friends.

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