Fan of forks disposable: simple and tasteful

Hand maid will always be in a trend, because things made with their own hands are not only unique and original, but also reflect the creative personality of their mistress and her talent. In addition, they will be great gifts to friends and relatives, moreover, special, with a part of your soul.


Much more appreciated hand maid of the simplest materials that we used to use in everyday life and which are much easier to get. After all, not all people have access to shops for needlework, scrapbooking, etc., where stencils, shapes, blanks and accessories are sold. In addition, it is always pleasant to recycle or reuse household items or clothes, giving them a second life. Therefore, in this article, you will be able to learn how to make a fan of forks (disposable, plastic). It can be made for yourself or as a gift to a friend, mother or grandmother, supplementing the main ideas with your own and introducing innovations. And for our fan we need 15-20 disposable plastic forks, ribbons and laces for decorating suitable colors, 2-3 cm wide, hard cardboard or unnecessary CD-ROM, hot glue or "Moment".


A fan of disposable forks, the MK (master class) for the manufacture of which is described in this article, according to the plan - very gentle, feminine, sweet and pursues a more decorative goal than "cooling". However, such an article is an irreplaceable thing as an element of a fancy dress, a pleasant gift to a mother or grandmother, as well as an excellent way to spend time and create creative taste and skills. In addition, making a fan of disposable forks takes you an hour or less, at least 15 minutes, when the technology is already well developed. So, first, we make the workpieces: first, we need two identical semicircles, they can be made by cutting a disc in half or cutting it from cardboard. Instead of a stencil, you can use a large protractor or simply circle the contour of the cup. The radius of the semicircle should be about 5-6 cm, but it can vary. Then with hot glue it is necessary to glue the fork evenly around the circumference, and so that their ends with denticles are as close as possible to each other. Then, to make our fan of disposable forks look neat, the same semicircle glue and on the other side of the forks handles. Now we have a blank, we can only decorate it.

Begin to decorate

For the decor, first take a strip of soft lace 2-3 cm wide and, passing it between the teeth (can be in one or two), fill the entire outer part of the circle, not forgetting to permanently fix it on the forks with glue. Next, we cover the tapes with cardboard: glue strips on it and cut off excess so that everything is neat, but the paper itself was not visible. This is the advantage of cardboard for making a fan, since you can not attach anything to the disc: it is too smooth and slippery. Also you can simply paste a semicircle of colored paper onto the base: it's your business, we'll still decorate it on top of it.

The final stage

Now we cut out small pieces of decor from another lace: flowers, leaves - anything. Also, if you know how, you can make roses out of ribbons or just small bows, because the fan of forks is disposable entirely in the power of your creative imagination. All this must be glued along the periphery, to the "head" of the fork, that is, the part between the teeth and the handle. Also, if you want to fill the remaining space, from the center to the edge of the circle, you can, like the first stage of the decor, thread colored ribbons or laces between forks, thereby hiding the original material from the eyes. It will be very beautiful if you attach a bow from the wide ribbon to the very center (cardboard), leaving its ends long or making larger roses and bows for it. And if you make such a fan of forks disposable, not one, but two or even three, you can decorate your room with them.

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