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"Women's League": actors and roles

They say that women do not have such a good sense of humor as men do. If they can laugh at someone else's joke, then they can not think up something funny themselves. Not for nothing on the stage, almost all humorists are men. This statement is refuted by the humorous series "Women's League", the actors of which have gained immense popularity in our country. But it was completely invented by representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Of course, and it is intended primarily for them. After all, the situations in which the main characters fall are purely feminine. The way they find a way out of them is shown exaggeratedly, with a share of absurdity. But that's why it's so funny that you can not tear yourself away from the screen.

What are the actors and roles in the TV series "Women's League"? In total, there are four main characters. Each with his own character and quirks. The woman's logic predominates, of course. It is she who forces her to do ill-considered acts and act contrary to common sense.

In the casting, which was announced by the director Olga Land, 500 applicants participated. The main criterion for choice was the presence of actresses sense of humor. As a result, four were selected. Later some actresses had to leave this set and they were replaced by others, no less bright and talented.

"The most important" heroine

The main role went to Anna Ardova. This actress was born in a family where the love of art was always in the first place. It was named after Anna Akhmatova, the best friend of her grandmother, who, in turn, studied acting skills with Stanislavsky. Grandpa was a writer, uncle - famous actor Alexei Batalov. Mom and Dad also had a direct relationship to the theater. Boris Ardov - director, animator, mother - actress of the Theater of Youth. Of course, in such an environment the child could not choose a different profession. So Anna became an actress, gaining fame, starring in television series. In his personal life, Ardova is doing well. She has a beloved husband and two children: Anton's son and Sonya's daughter. This actress starred in the "Women's League" from the first to the fifth season.

Later, Ardova was replaced by Galina Bob, who played the role of girlfriend in the 6-7th season. The actress graduated from VGIK. She served in the theater. Stanislavsky and the Moscow City Council. Has prizes and awards for the best female role in the thesis performances.

Other girlfriends

In the series "Women's League" actors were taken for talent, and not for belonging to famous families. So, for example, Anna Antonova (who played in all seasons of the sketch committee) came to Moscow from Surgut. After graduating from the Shchukin school, began to serve in the theater. Vakhtangov. Working in a comedy show made her popular and promoted her career in film.

In the first season, Evgenia Cregezhda played. In the subsequent, until the last (seventh), it was replaced by Olga Medynich. She was educated in St. Petersburg, specializing in the actress of the Puppet Theater. She worked in the troupe of the youth theater on Fontanka. After participating in the Women's League, she was invited to shoot in other humorous series.

Olga Tumaykina - the most devoted participant of the series, starred in all seasons. She was born in Krasnoyarsk. She graduated from the Shchukin school. He serves in the theater. Vakhtangov. He makes movies.

The slogan of the series "Women's League": "Guys, money and love." The actors who acted in it completely agree with this statement. After all, in life for complete happiness, one of these three components is often missing.

Strong sex also found a place in the show

In addition to the fair sex, the decoration of the television series "Women's League" - male actors. They successfully performed their small roles. The show was starred: Dmitry Nagiyev, Alexander Makogon, Sergei Ugryumov, Dmitry Prokofiev, Sergey Zharkov, Maxim Litovchenko, Oleg Filipchik. It was very easy for them to participate in the show. After all, they did not play a trick on men, they rather created entourage and emphasized the shocking and absurdity of women's behavior.

Who is who

Dmitry Nagiyev played a hospital patient for the mentally ill and patient pharmacy. Alexander Makogon was accepted into the series as a person who can perfectly represent love. Dmitry Prokofiev came up because of his increased efficiency, endurance, the ability to laugh the viewer in a short time sketch. Oleg Filipchik played with restraint, but surprised everyone with the ability to reincarnate. The main thing is that all those who participated in the series "Women's League" - actors, both men and women, gained fame and love of the public. In the opinions of the viewers, their participation in this show is often mentioned, the actor's work is highly appreciated.

Who was portrayed on the screen

In the television series "Women's League" actors tried on a lot of images. But the main lines are only four. The first image is a blond, silly woman, that is, a woman from anecdotes. The second - a business woman in the "active search." The third one is a beauty who has many admirers, with whom she sometimes does not know what to do. The fourth image has collected all the three previous ones together. The features of this or that character manifest themselves depending on the situation in which the heroine falls.

When, after five years, the "Women's League" ceased to exist, TNT actors did not make a complaint. After all, this series has already given them a lot. How many images have they embodied on the screen during this time? Probably, and are not able to remember. In addition, that the actresses of this TV show brought popular popularity and love, many of them were noticed by other directors and offered them roles in already new serials. It is safe to say that all the women who participated in the television series, to some extent played themselves.

What is taught in sketches

Scenes, in which actresses are very vital. Someone will even find an answer to their question or a solution to their problem. In the show "Women's League" actors from the screen teach the ability to laugh at themselves, go ahead, even if there was a failure. Looking at them, it is easy to imagine that other people also experience ridiculous situations, but they continue to live and, ignoring the turmoil, are striving for their goal.

It is interesting that the TV show was conceived for the fair sex, but it turned out that both men and men are watching and loving it. Women see in the images shown on the television screen their friends, men are happy that someone finally got the courage to portray the true feminine essence. But it is clear to both of them that whatever women in the television series are: stupid, selfish, naive, cunning, assertive and too supple, it is an attempt to hide a tender, sensitive soul. To make it a bit rougher, so that failures do not hurt so painfully. After all, a woman in any situation remains real, that is, smart, beautiful and weak.

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