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"Dancing" on TNT (season 2): list of participants. "Dancing" on TNT (season 2): winner

"Dancing" on TNT is a project that has won the recognition of many fans. Casting season 2 was very serious. 77 cities of the country, 282 participants ... Only 24 people could pass it. Let's consider the list of participants. "Dancing" on TNT (season 2) was determined with him at the final casting in Moscow. The ether was stretched for two whole days.

The list of participants ("Dancing" on TNT, season 2), the mentors made up their own. It was quite difficult. In the first season, Ilshat won the Druzhinin team. Therefore, this time Miguel dreamed to win back. Well, quite a natural desire ...

List of participants. "Dancing" on TNT, season 2: Miguel team

So, in order. The list of participants ("Dancing" on TNT, season 2), compiled by Miguel, did not disappoint the mentor. He selected really talented guys. This is Pylaeva Ulyana, Shabanov Mikhail, Golovan Lena, Nesterovich Maxim, Korshunova Yulianna, Orlov Nikita, Ryzhova Tanya, Borisyuk Alexander, Platonova Lena, Pimenov Timothy, Kim Vladislav, Vadro Anastasia.

Druzhinin's team

And what about the rivals? What was their list of participants? "Dancing" on TNT (season 2) pleased and fans Druzhinin. Under the guidance of the mentor were: Rybak Yuri, Bokova Polina, Mozhaykin Ivan, Nikolaeva Julia, Klevakin Oleg, Rogozinskaya Julia, Sofa, Maslennikov Dmitry, Goreniatenko Eugene, Cherednikova Anastasia, Staev Dimitriy, Claudia Maisa.

Anastasia Vyadro about the project

The project began in August 2015. The start itself was already quite hot. And then the passions continued to grow hot. More and more viewers attracted "Dancing" to TNT (season 2). October brought the show tremendous fame.

However, let's return to the very beginning and remember the words of then still future participants of the project. For example, Anastasia Vyadro claimed that she came not only for fame, but also for emotions, for experience. It was in the team to Miguel that the girl came and dreamed. Although Egor Druzhinin also treated beautifully. I just thought that I did not fit him "in the image." Nastya is sure that it is easier to work with Miguel, since he is less strict than Druzhinin. He says exactly what he thinks. His attitude towards dancers is understandable. It is not difficult for them to figure out what to work on.

The girl was given the most difficult ballroom dances. She is quite tall and big, because she sometimes thought that in such dances it looks very strange. Still, the couple must be a fragile little girl. Nevertheless, the mentor supported his student, comforted, forced to pull himself together.

Polina Bokova about the project

How did the "Dancing" on TNT (Season 2) continue? November and December were no less striking. Spectators did not cease to admire young talents. One of them was Polina Bokova. The girl came to the project to open up, better understand herself. And "Dancing" really helped her in this. Moreover, Polina very much wanted to be a dancer. In a word, she did not come for the victory. Dance for Pauline - that's all. This is her mood, her life, her self-expression and the exchange of energy with people.

The girl reacted equally positively to both mentors. However, Yegor turned out to be a closer person for her. Polina appreciated his thoughts, approach to business, the way information was provided. In a word, it marked her actions as clear, thought-out, conscious.

However, all participants equally well treated leaders and rivals - with respect.

The project ended in December 2015. The victory was won by Maxim Nesterovich from the team of Miguel (the mentor did win), having received the title of the best dancer of the country and a reward of three million rubles. The second season was remembered by the audience for its brilliance, originality, uniqueness. Exciting show presented to fans of dances a lot of positive emotions and a great mood!

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