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Sergey Slavnov: biography and photos

Well-known figure skater Sergey Slavnov on own experience has proved, that in sports there are no easy victories. Only daily training and dedication helped him to achieve high rates on the ice. His path to fame was difficult and thorny, but he proudly overcame all obstacles. He won awards at European championships, world tournaments, and in the beginning of his career became the first among juniors.

Biographical information

Sergei Slavnov - a native of the northern capital. He was born on April 11, 1982. The grandmother instilled love for the future skater. It was she who gave the four-year-old grandson skates. Then she wrote it in a figure skating group and the boy began to spend hours on the ice.

Sergey Slavnov, whose biography is a whole kaleidoscope of events and fateful meetings, very soon realized that in sport you need to be a real fighter. Very soon his temper began to be tempered: after training his body and legs were "decorated" with hematomas, but he tolerated and continued studies.

Carier start

Sergey Slavnov began to perform on the ice together with Julia Karbavskaya. Couple with her athlete, he won silver awards at the 2002 World Junior Championships.

However, after this brilliant victory, the skater changed his partner. Now he began to ride with the fragile and tiny Julia Obertas. Soon the pair became popular and huge merit in this belonged to coach Velikova. Colorful programs and filigree technique turned Sergei and Julia into the brightest duet. They talked about him not only in our country, but also abroad. Sergey Slavnov, together with Obertas, represented Russia at European and world championships. Their high skill could not go unnoticed: they were awarded medals many times.

The couple decided to change the mentor. Sergei Slavnov (figure skater) and Julia Obertas began to train with Tamara Nikolayevna Moskvina. For three years she worked with a star couple, but no serious success was achieved: the 2005-2006 season was a failure and the athletes once again returned to the "start" of Lyudmila Velikova.


In 2007, Slavnov and Obertas were supposed to go to the World Cup, but the skaters having problems with their health prevented their plans and Sergei was forced to lie down on the operating table. It was necessary to urgently remove appendicitis. After some time Julia got serious injuries and in the career of the star couple the period of calm began: Obertas and Slavnov were forced to miss a number of important competitions. To somehow support colleagues in the shop and give them the opportunity to get in shape, the famous skater Evgeni Plushenko invited Yulia and Sergei to perform in his show.

End of career

Performing at the most important competitions, the duet of Slavnov - Obertas after the injuries will not be any more.

This was announced by skaters in the 2007-2008 season. But they gladly accepted the invitation to participate in professional shows and show their skills in entertainment TV shows on the ice. After some time Julia will become the wife of Czech figure skater R. Gorak and will ride with him abroad.

Sergei Slavnov in the fall of 2008 became a participant in the television project "Star Ice", where he met with the actress Anastasia Zadorozhnaya.

Life after the "big sport"

Currently, an experienced and venerable skater does not ride on ice in any competition, although he has a huge potential for this. The reasons why Sergey Slavnov left the big sport are unknown.

In 2010, talking with the sharks of the pen, he suddenly announced that he was returning to the ice arena, but further than the words it did not go.

And he could: age and health allowed ...

Personal life

The skater fell in love with his partner Obertas for the first time. Sergei Slavnov, whose personal life develops in a peculiar way, even wanted to link himself with marriage ties with Julia. But then in their relationship came a crisis and Obertas jumped to marry a figure skater-foreigner.

The second time the cupid's arrow struck Slavnov when he met the actress Anastasia Zadorozhnaya on the television show "Star Ice". He handed the girl a postcard, so she put her autograph on it. After that, friendship broke out between them.

The press writes that today Sergei and Nastya are no longer together. But Zadorozhnaya itself states that they decided to pause the relationship, now they live in different cities.

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