String, tanga, slip, boxers are cowards that determine the nature of a woman

In the wardrobe of a modern woman, the number of panties often exceeds the number of all other items of the female toilet. They say that the woman's underwear can even define her character. Strong and courageous will choose boxers, cowards of a more romantic nature will resemble a barely visible spider web. Once borrowed from men, this delicate and intimate accessory has become not only a personal hygiene item, but also a secret weapon of seduction by "loving eyes" representatives of the male half of humanity.

How do modern and fashionable women's panties look?

Modern designers offer a variety of diverse models of panties. The maximum open tang or thong will emphasize the dignity of the figure, and closed boxers are cowards that will easily correct some of its shortcomings. For the manufacture of panties use a wide variety of materials and colors: white cotton, black viscose, multi-colored nylon, all kinds of lace and guipure. Each woman will be able to choose her own version, taking into account the situation and clothes, under which she will wear it. When choosing clothes, it is important to take into account the fact that it should not bite into the body and give it the shape of a caterpillar. You will not feel comfortable even if the panties are large. Underwear should be comfortable and most comfortable.

Each woman must certainly have several models for different occasions

All female panties can be divided into three main types: maxi, midi and mini. The maxi include pants, shorts and boxer briefs. Female panties-slips, asset, culet and tanga are included in the category "midi". Bikini and string-mini models.

Female boxer briefs look like very short shorts with elastic bands at the waist and hips, they can be both tight-fitting, and free-cut. The material for them, as a rule, is cotton with elastic fibers, as well as satin, silk, lace. Boxers are cowards that can be corrective and modeling. With the help of special inserts you can increase or pull the buttocks, highlight the waist, round the hips. Such panties are very suitable for fitness and morning runs in the park. This model is very popular among young girls. Boxers are cowards that can be both laconic and decorated with various bows, laces and lace inserts.

For everyday wear, many women have chosen slips, this classic model is almost every manufacturer. They are made, as a rule, from soft tissue, which "breathes" and does not cause irritation.

All female charms will show panties string. The triangle of the fabric in front and the ropes at the back are perfect for a tight evening dress or a light summer sarafan. They are not comfortable enough, but very sexy and almost invisible.

In a woman everything should be fine - a person and body, clothes and underwear. Therefore, to feel like a queen, choose for yourself a sexy, fashionable and, most importantly, comfortable underwear. Trust your feelings, and your man will appreciate it.

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