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Sayings about work: the most useful quotes

Our era can rightfully be called the century of workaholism. Hard work is an indispensable condition for success. Parents tend to instill in their children a love of work in order not to worry about their future. Adults often prefer a night's sleep, weekends and holidays work - because only in this way you can achieve prosperity or solve serious money problems. Are they doing the right thing? What do famous people say about work?

Work is a pledge of prosperity

There is a saying about the work of a philosopher named Quintus Horace Flaccus: "Nothing in life comes without much difficulty." It is relevant not only for the times of Ancient Rome, but also for the present. The person who understands this simple truth will never remain in poverty, because he will make every effort to get out of poverty. The graduate of the school who would like to study at a prestigious university understands this. If you do not make proper efforts, there is a serious risk that his life will go completely on a different path.

Work and leisure

And here is one more statement about work: "There is no difficulty without rest; Know how to do - be able and have fun. " It belongs to an Arab philosopher named Abu Rudaki. Some modern psychologists believe that if the work tires the person, then this is a sign that he is not engaged in his own business. If he works by vocation, he can work for a long time, and this work will tire him minimum. However, even in this case the body needs rest. Even the most enthusiastic people can not work without breaks for sleep, food, simple rest. And in those jobs where employers seek to "squeeze" out of employees to the maximum, most often the effect is only the opposite. People oppose those conditions that can be called "inhuman". Often the employer argues his rigor by the fact that for each hour of being at work a hired employee receives a certain rate, and rest in this case is strictly regulated. For example, within 9 hours the employee has an hour break.

However, it often happens that this break actually lasts much less, or the employee needs to rest at another time of the working day. In this case, it is good to remember the labor ethic practiced in Japan: there workers can afford even an afternoon nap. Despite the fact that this kind of recreation requires additional time, the efficiency of work in enterprises that allow employees to take a nap in the afternoon, increases at times.

Labor as medicine

Another famous statement about work belongs to the philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau: "Forbearance and work are the two true healer of man." In fact, intemperance leads to various psychological ailments - in particular, to neuroses. A person who does not practice self-control in his life, nowadays becomes subject to a lot of temptations, from neurotic consumption through shopping and ending with alcoholism, smoking. Why did the famous philosopher call the work "the healer" of man? Not for nothing, even in psychiatric practice, there is such a thing as "occupational therapy".

Laziness - a harbinger of a neurosis

A man who hangs around all day without work, he himself subjects negative thoughts, expectations, negative attitudes are formed in his head. The same one who is constantly engaged in something, simply does not have time to have somehow formed a neurosis. That is why labor is a simple and accessible way against such disorders as increased anxiety, depression, obsessive thoughts. Many statements about work indicate that physical labor can sooth the spirit, heal the soreness of the soul and mind. On this score, there is a good saying, belonging to the philosopher Sun-Tzu. This is what he said: "A person should do those things that, although they require hard physical labor, but soothe his mind."

Known sayings about work and modernity

Ancient Greek philosopher Socrates said: "It is very difficult to do something in such a way as not to make mistakes in anything." Indeed, any work is always criticized by outsiders. Whether it's colleagues, management or customers - every mistake is always in sight. However, if these blunders condemn others, then the person himself from this is not so much good. If you condemn yourself for every failure, then it will not last long without work. After all, what self-condemnation leads to is new mistakes. Having done something wrong, you need to draw the necessary conclusions and move on.

Many are interested in the statements of the great about labor. In most cases, they are unambiguous. "To live is to work," for example, as Voltaire said. And Leonardo da Vinci expressed himself as follows: "Happiness is given to the fact that he works hard." Suitable sayings about work for children, adolescents and adults. After all, they are simple and understandable for understanding. In addition, these quotes allow us to understand the importance of labor in life. Without diligent work, hardly anyone can expect success.

Character traits of hardworking

Statements about people of work indicate that workers usually have noble qualities of the soul. For example, VG Belinsky owns the words: "Labor ennobles a person." "Labor hardens the bodies of young men," this quotation belongs to Cicero. His words mean that the development of strong-willed qualities and physical endurance is impossible without hard work. AV Suvorov spoke about the work in the following way: "Having managed to overcome at least some work, a person at the same time enjoys it." In fact, the work itself is not as hard as thinking about how much to do. Starting to work, a person is gradually drawn into this process, and he no longer gets to obsessive thoughts about his own impotence or laziness.

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