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"Once upon a time there was a dog": who sounded the wolf? Biography of this person

Many people want to know who voiced the wolf in the cartoon "Once upon a time there was a dog." And not surprising, because this character fell in love with everyone. It was voiced by Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. What do we know about this person's life?

Armen Jigarkhanyan is a People's Artist of the Soviet Union. This person is really worthy of respect. He was born on October 3, 1935 in the capital of Armenia.

Student years

The boy wanted to become an artist from childhood. He dreamed that he would someday work in the Russian theater. Immediately after the school graduation in 1953 he went to the capital of Russia to try to enter a prestigious educational institution - GITIS. However, the matter did not go beyond the interviews - Armen's expressed accent was all embarrassed. The boy's disappointment was impossible to convey in words. He left for home and for twelve months worked as an illuminator in a Yerevan film studio. However, even then he planned to enter the theater and art university. And this happened in 1954 year. The guy entered the course to the famous director Vartan Ajemyan, director of the theater, named after G. Sundukyan. Then he still weakly believed that one day he would become famous. However, this happened, and today many are in the know who voiced the wolf in the animated film "Once There Was a Dog."

Work in the theater

Enrolled students turned out to be too many, and it became necessary to divide the group in two. The director decided to teach the guys who seemed to him the most talented, and the rest went to another teacher. Armen was not considered capable enough. In the second group, the guy got acquainted with AK Gulakyan - a man who became for him a true mentor, whose lessons have been preserved in his memory to this day. Dzhigarkhanyan's work on the theatrical stage started from the first year of high school. His friend, the actor of the Stanislavsky Theater, had to go somewhere. He asked Dzhigarkhanyan to play a few episodic roles. In particular, he took part in the play called Ivan Rybakov. Four weeks later, when Comrade returned, Armen was allowed to become a full-fledged actor of this theater with a salary of 69 rubles. However, none of the close associates of Dzhigarkhanyan had any idea that someday a cartoon will come out, thanks to which many will recognize him, namely, "There Was a Dog" ... Who voiced the wolf, today is known to all the fans of the actor.

Working in a movie

Like every artist, especially a young artist, Armen dreamed of acting in films. He did his best for this, but at first he was not paid attention to him. But after a while he got the role of a young worker named Hakob in the film "Collapse", then - the teacher Alexander in the tape "At Dawn." Then there were shooting in the movie "Waters Rise." After that there were still pictures, but Dzhigarkhanyan thinks that he really declared himself in the tape "Hello, it's me". But then came the year 1967, and Armen decided to go to the Russian capital: there he got a job in Lenkom. But soon he was accepted into the troupe of the Mayakovsky Theater. Also, Jigarkhanyan was lucky enough to work on the animated film "Once There Was a Dog." Who voiced the wolf, many fans of animation know. Moreover, they know the names of all the people who worked on this cartoon. And it's good that the memory of these people is still alive.

All the beloved cartoon "Once upon a time there was a dog"

Today, not everyone can answer the question, who voiced the wolf in the m / f "Once upon a time there was a dog." And it's very sad. But there are people who have reviewed this cartoon many times and know every line in it. They certainly already know that Armen Djigarkhanyan voiced this character. Let's remember what this cartoon is about.

How the Wolf Helped the Dog

The day came when a sluggish old dog guarding the house turned out to be of no use to anyone, and people drove him away. They finally decided on this, when he did not even bark during the robbery of the dwelling: he simply watched the committing atrocity. The unhappy Dog went into the forest and, probably, was already ready to commit suicide, but then the Wolf met with whom they had not got along before. But the former enemy decided to help him regain the trust of people. The wolf took the host child, and the Dog pretended to take it from the predator. In gratitude for saving the baby the protagonist is again taken to the family, where from that moment everyone starts to treat him with great respect. Such a turn of the story was rejoicing, probably, all watched the cartoon "Once There Was a Dog." Who voiced the wolf, children, by the way, often learned from their parents.

The event at the wedding

The dog felt indebted to the forest dweller and therefore once invited him to the house when the wedding was held there. He fed the predator stolen from the table dishes. The intoxicated Wolf suddenly wanted to sing. At the moment, just someone has tightened a spiritual song, and the predator began to howl loudly. When people realized that there was a wolf under the table, the Dog painted a chase after him, and they both ran out into the street. Leaving, the predator broke the fence. And ends with the famous cartoon "Once upon a time there was a dog." Who voiced the wolf, now you know.

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