How to obtain a residence permit in the Schengen countries

A residence permit is a status that is temporarily assigned to a foreigner. What does this status give to its owner? The Internet and unscrupulous travel companies are spreading a lot of unreliable rumors about the benefits that this status gives to a foreigner in European countries. He allegedly allows him to enter the territories of all European countries, permanently live in the country that issued the residence permit, travel and again enter the EU countries and in general, spend there an unlimited amount of time. Therefore, many citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus recently want to obtain a residence permit in one of the countries of the European Union.

Indeed, there is still some truth in the myths about the advantages of a residence permit. He gives the right to enter the country that issued such a status freely, but also to some other EU countries; Allows you to freely engage in business activities, purchase real estate, etc. But this status does not give permanent residence in the Schengen countries. Its availability makes it easier to obtain a more profitable status - the right to permanent residence, when a person actually becomes a resident of the country, and is an advantageous bonus when embassies of the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are considering issuing visas to these countries. Under favorable circumstances, this status gives the right to apply for the citizenship of the country of the European Union over time.

But also in real time, and not only for the future, the residence permit gives many advantages: the right to work, social assistance (various benefits, assistance in education, medical care). How can you get such a desired residence permit? Europe has toughened its migration policy from year to year. Each country of the European Union has its own migration legislation, which can differ substantially from one another. There is no universal package of documents or universal requirements, the list of which would give a satisfactory answer to the question of how to obtain a residence permit in one of the countries of the Schengen area.

For example, in Germany it is very difficult to obtain this status with the right to work, while new members of the European Union, such as the Baltic countries, the Czech Republic, Poland, as well as Finland, Cyprus and Austria, more easily issue residence permits. When Russians turn to companies that facilitate business trips abroad with the question of how to obtain a residence permit in the Schengen countries, they are often advised to acquire a residence permit in Eastern Europe or to enter into a fictitious marriage with a citizen of the European Union. But both these ways are dead-end, and fictitious marriage in general is a crime.

Think about how to obtain a residence permit in a different way. It can be registration in the desired country of a new firm or the acquisition of an already existing one with the condition of creating jobs for the citizens of this country. In fact, the acquisition of this status is not a problem for wealthy and wealthy Russians, businessmen who can invest in a large country with considerable capital investments. If you are going to open a company in Hungary, for example, and live in France, then you have to convince the migration service of Hungary that you only dream of one thing - how to get a residence permit in Hungary and nowhere else. The migration service should make sure that you are really going to do business in this country and live in it for more than six months annually.

Another way, less expensive, but more troublesome, is the acquisition of dual citizenship, of course, in those countries where it is stipulated by law. Some firms assist in obtaining a second citizenship, for example, in Hungary. Presence of citizenship of the Russian Federation and Hungary simultaneously gives the right to apply for the status of permanent residence (permanent residence).

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