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Doorways: what is it and how to create them?

Earnings on the Internet are becoming more attractive for ordinary people who are tired of sitting in a noisy office and daily listen to the claims of superiors and dissatisfied customers. To date, more than a third of the population owns their own sites and has a steady income on partner programs, offers and advertising from other users.

Doorways are now an actual topic. What it is, it is worth considering in more detail.

What are they

From English, the doorway is translated as the "front door". In fact, doorways (or just dory) are sites (most often single-page), the purpose of which is to redirect traffic to a third-party resource. Usually such pages are created automatically by means of various generators.

The main goal of the doorway is to collect the maximum number of target audience for a specific keyword. In this case, the content is not given special attention. The more the webmaster will generate such one-page books, the more he will earn.

Types of doorways

To understand the question: "Doorways - what is this and what they eat?" - Once you decide on the categories of such sites. There are only two types:

  • Dynamic. Doorways of this type are separate plug-ins and scripts written for different "engines". Dynamic dory differ by fewer parameters that need to be adjusted manually. As a rule, doorways of this type independently parsat (collect) ready-made texts from search results for certain keywords (and in some cases also by prompts). In addition, plug-ins also save pictures and video.
  • Static. These doorways are often automatically generated by ready-made programs, which are easy enough to install on your computer. To do this, you need to determine the list of CS and the amount of pages that the webmaster plans to launch. After that, gigabytes of finished articles, videos and pictures are parsed. The next step is to create a template that specifies where the text and the rest of the content will be displayed. The publication of new pages on such sites occurs in an automatic mode. Settings and opportunities for static doorways are much greater.

Why do we need

Having decided upon the translation of the word "doorways", what it is and what they are, it is worth to describe in more detail, for what purposes such sites are used.

By and large, the Dora are the same satellites, only with great possibilities. They can immediately generate huge amounts of traffic. In this webmaster will not have to spend months on the "promotion" of the site.

Immediately after the creation of the dora, the program automatically sends links to third-party forums, websites, blogs, etc. When search engines see these links, they quickly index doorways. As a result, the site is visited not only by forum participants, but also by visitors simply searching for information on the Internet.

However, to say about doorways that this is an exclusively "black" type of earnings, it is impossible, as they can be successfully used to promote your own "white" site. This can be considered another cheap way to raise the positions of the portal.

How to create

To start earning on doorways, they need to be created. This will require:

  1. COP. Keywords - this is the basis of SEO optimization, without which, as is known, no site can go to the first page of the search engine. Today, there is a huge number of services to collect COP, starting from Wordstat, ending with paid programs (for example, KeyCollector).
  2. Content. As mentioned earlier, on the doorway content is given minimal attention. However, this does not mean that the site should be posted "Breaded Text". To make visitors more willing to click on advertising banners and links, you need to create at least a few readable articles. To do this, it is enough to take the finished text from another's site and process it through the program of synonymization, multiply it in 10-15 copies with the help of special programs or simply independently make a rewrite from the source.
  3. Hosting. Of course, creating a doorway involves using a hosting on which the domain name will be registered. In this issue, everything is very simple - you need to choose the cheapest organization (the benefit of such full) and register your site in the RU zone.
  4. CMS. "Engine" can be used by anyone, especially since most webhosts offer to install them at once. The easiest way to work with doorways is to use Wordpress.

In order to understand how to make a dorvey a beginner, it is worth considering the simplest algorithm of work.

Website creation in 5 minutes

Experienced webmasters use a huge amount of software for their projects, and each "dorveyschik" has accumulated its own experiences and secrets. The most simple doorways for beginners can be created in minutes. For this it is enough to perform a few simple steps:

  • Register a domain;
  • Bind it to the hosting;
  • "Pour" the files;
  • Publish on the site several thematic articles with the COP;
  • To buy inexpensive links for promotion and early indexation;
  • Wait for the site to appear in the SERP;
  • Generate and uniquely identify content;
  • Wait for "apa" search engine;
  • Place on the site promotional pictures and bind links to them;
  • Monitor traffic;
  • get a profit.

What to fear

Any webmaster who knows how to create a doorway is always morally ready for the fact that his sites can fly out of the search and get an ACS. This is a small fee, given the possible earnings from such projects.

Most of the "dorveyschikov" are preparing sites dedicated to "scammers" and "18+". This is not the best idea, since it is these portals that most often fall into the disfavor of search engines. To avoid suspicion, it is best to choose a more neutral niche, such as cell phones, laptops, etc.

In the case of getting a ban, it's enough just to create a new grid of doorways and run it into search engines.

Who pays the money

As a rule, businessmen are more interested in doorways than those who are suffering to increase their capital.

The situation is as follows. The person decides to open his own business selling toboggans online. To do this, he goes to the nearest web-studio and orders a website, then realizes that crowds of customers will not come to him. Of course, he does not want to search for clients himself, so the owner of the online store goes to an advertising agency where he is offered to buy treasured traffic. After payment, employees of the organization buy "live" visitors from RRS-affiliates, who, in turn, receive potential buyers through doorways.

This kind of earnings is gaining huge popularity, and today for the independent creation of such sites requires a minimum of time and financial costs.

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