How to make a temporary registration quickly and legally?

In order to learn how to make a temporary registration by legal means, you need to contact the registration or multifunctional center of citizens who are located at the place of your planned stay. If you stay in a hotel, boarding house, sanatorium or other similar institution, you should not do the necessary paperwork yourself. These troubles take on the administration of the institution.

In addressing the issue of how to make a temporary registration, it is necessary, first of all, to prepare a certain package of documents:

  1. Initially, you must obtain permission to register from the owner of the home. To do this, you can provide a statement made by the owner that it provides you with a place of residence, or a contract for the hiring of a dwelling.
  2. Also, a certificate is needed that certifies the owner's rights to the place of residence.
  3. Passport and statement, which should be drawn up in the required form.
  4. Leaf of arrival.

For the question of how to obtain a temporary registration, it was resolved as soon as possible, it is best to act according to the scheme presented:

  1. First of all, you need to discuss with the owner of housing the most optimal conditions for processing documents.
  2. It is necessary to ask him to make a statement that he gives you a residence for a certain period. If he can not do this on his own due to the lack of time, you need to visit with him the registration center. It is best to prepare documents with the help of a notary. He can assure the owner's signature.
  3. It is necessary to take the application forms and fill them in the registration center. Also they can be downloaded on the Internet on the official website of the FMS of Russia or on the portals of public services.
  4. Then take the documents to the instance of your choice.
  5. The final stage in the question of how to make a temporary registration is the receipt of a certificate, which is issued three days after the filing of the documents.

In order to understand all the need and benefit from the design of this type of document, familiarize yourself with the benefits that you receive after obtaining a certificate:

  1. A person who was able to make a temporary registration can safely move around the city, not at all worried about the fact that he can be detained. This is especially true of Moscow. Here the likelihood of being detained or stopped asking for documents is many times greater than in any other city in Russia.
  2. If there is a need, you can easily seek medical help from any clinic or hospital. The fact is that many hospitals simply refuse to those patients who do not have a temporary registration. Of course, this is not entirely legal, but it's better to get the necessary document so that problems do not arise at all.
  3. Also, having received a temporary registration, you can get a job in any company. This does not require you a lot of energy, money and energy, as it usually happens when the applicant has no relevant document. And you can look for work in a large firm that enjoys authority and has high positions. In this type of company, the path without registration is closed.

Having decided on the question of how to make a temporary registration, you limit yourself from a lot of possible problems with representatives of the authorities and medical workers. Also, you can be sure that your documents are in order and calmly stay in a foreign country, without worrying about anything. As for the foreigner, it is simply necessary. After all, the decision of such troubles can take a considerable time

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