The preparation "Ocillococcinum": analogue. How to replace "Ocillokoktsinum"?

Ozillokoktsinum has been collecting around its opponents and supporters for several decades. Some say that this tool does not help, others believe in its effectiveness. Today we will find out why there are such polar opinions as there are analogues of this medicine and whether there are any at all. Also, we will determine how to apply the drug in what doses and when.

History of the drug

In 1919, an influenza epidemic called "Spaniard" hit France. Then the famous doctor Joseph Rua began to study this problem and look for ways out of the current situation, in order to help the patients better heal and not let the illness take the lives of people. Then he began to conduct various studies, during which he found in the blood of the affected French bacteria, later called an oscilloscope. Then he extracted an extract from them and tried to make a drug that saved from many ailments, including from the "Spanish".

However, all the doctor's attempts were futile - people continued to get sick. Then the specialist noticed that workers working on farms, where they bred musk ducks, did not suffer from an epidemic of this kind of flu. Then Joseph Roy discovered the bacteria in the liver of these birds. From that moment the specialist went the other way - he prepared a new extract from the heart and liver of the musk duck. As a result, the vaccine, known nowadays as the drug "Ocillococcinum", was obtained. An analogue of the medication has not been developed in our days, so it is unique in composition. To date, the preparation of the drug is carried out by the method of homeopathic dilution, and the materials are all the same components - the heart and liver extract of the musk duck.

Form of issue

These are small white granules that are odorless, identified in a special tube. They have a spherical shape and quickly dissolve in water. The blister contains 3 tubes. In a cardboard bundle, there are 3, 4 or 10 blister packs.


The preparation "Otsilokoktsinum" contains an extract of liver and heart of musk duck and additional substances: sugar and lactose. This medication is a homeopathic remedy.


Granules "Ocillococcinum" should be used only if diagnosed with acute respiratory viral infection or influenza. Apply the drug is necessary for the first symptoms of ailment, such as:

- malaise, weakness, aches;

- a sore throat, pershenie;

- cough;

- a runny or light stuffy nose;

- fever.

Mode of application

For adults and children, the dosage is the same. You can also apply it to older people. The dosage of the medicine is as follows:

- The contents of 1 tuba should be determined under the tongue until complete dissolution (with the first symptoms of the disease). If the improvement does not come after that, then after 6 hours you can use the next portion.

- If you have an acute illness, you should take 1 dose twice a day.

- For the prevention of acute respiratory infections, flu should be placed under the tongue 1 serving once a week.

The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the illness, and the timing of therapy is determined by the attending doctor.

Should I take before or after a meal?

Many people are interested in the fact, when specifically put the capsule "Ocillococcinum" under the tongue. How to take this homeopathic remedy: before or after eating? The answer to these questions is the following: the medicine should be placed under the tongue not later than 15 minutes before meals or an hour after eating. If such a framework is not followed, the effect of the drug will be zero.

Capsules for babies: can I give and how?

Many young mothers are interested in the question: "How to give the medicine" Ocillococcinum "to children?" The instruction says that it is necessary to put the granules under the tongue, but the kids will not be able to understand, let alone do what their parents will ask of them. On the other hand, it is even dangerous to give the medicine "Ocillococcinum" to children. The instruction in fact does not notify that in fact the contents can be dissolved in breast milk (or in a mixture) and give a crumb from a bottle or to drink it from a spoon. Therefore, parents should take note of this advice and, if necessary, use it. Thus, the effect will be obvious, and my mother will not be scared to give a remedy to her baby, because it will already be dissolved granules, after which the child will not choke, will not suffocate. Children over 2 years old can dilute the medicine in boiled water (the necessary proportion is 1 tube per 70 ml of liquid).

special instructions

- If during the day after taking the medicine the symptoms of the disease only increase, you need to stop taking the medication and urgently go to the doctor.

- The drug has an effective and rapid impact in the event that the treatment was started immediately, with the first manifestations of the disease.

- The use of Oscillococcinum does not affect the ability to concentrate attention and the speed of psychomotor reactions when driving vehicles or working with machinery.


- It is forbidden to take Ocillococcinum to people who have individual intolerance to the components.

- These granules are contraindicated in patients who have lactose intolerance or lack of its enzyme.

What is dangerous for women in the situation?

Granules "Ocillococcinum" can be consumed by pregnant women in all trimesters. The fact is that there are no direct contraindications for taking this medication. But before you go to the pharmacy to buy a medicine, you should consult a doctor about its possible use. Because the body of each person is individual, and no one knows how in any given situation he will behave in response to the medication taken. Concerning pregnant women, I want to say one thing: it is better to avoid taking the drug in the first trimester, because that's when the future baby is laid internal organs. And extra medicines will only interfere with the correct development of the fetus.

Similar preparations

AT Nature There are no means similar in composition to the medicament Oscillococcinum. An analogue of this drug can be selected, but only properties will be similar, and the active substance in each case will be its own. So, the closest substitutes for Oscilococcinum are the granules of Aconite, Bryonia, drops of Apis, Baptisia, Gelsemium, Pulsatilla.

The medicines listed above are also homeopathic remedies, like Oscilococcinum. An analogue of this remedy, for example, the medicine "Aconite", is also prescribed for ARI, influenza, viral diseases, for otitis, laryngitis, tracheitis and other diseases. The active substance of this drug is aconite - a plant belonging to the family of buttercups.

Another similar homoeopathic medication prescribed for the same diseases as Ozillococcinum, an analogue called Bryonia. This drug, in which the main active ingredient is a plant with the same name - bryony alba. Most often doctors prescribe this medication for acute bronchitis.

Homeopathic remedy "Apis" is prescribed for chronic bronchitis, tonsillitis, swallowing of the pharynx, lips and tongue. The main element of this medicine is bee venom.

Drops "Gelziumium" can safely replace the medicine "Ocillococcinum". Despite the fact that the composition of the drugs is completely different, they are similar in their effect on the body. Both are homeopathic remedies, and both are used in ARI, headaches. The main constituents of the droplets "Gelzemium" are such plants as yellow jasmine, poisonous sumac, klopogon racemose.

Storage and expiration date

Keep this medicine at a temperature of not more than 25 degrees in a place inaccessible to children, and also away from direct sunlight. Shelf life of the drug is 5 years, after which you need to get rid of the medication.

Doctor's opinions

There is no unequivocal position of doctors about the effectiveness of the Ozillococcinum preparation. Opponents of this homeopathic remedy explain their position by saying that the manufacturer does not write anything about the mechanism of action of the drug, nor about its pharmacokinetics. There is no scientific evidence and how the liver and heart extract of a duck should kill influenza viruses. Moreover, the agent does not actually contain the active substance, since it is highly diluted.

Other specialists claim that it is possible and even necessary to give the preparation "Ocillococcinum" to pregnant women. The homoeopaths' comments, of course, are positive, and they explain their point of view. In their opinion, the active substance of the drug can affect the water, changing its structure, which, in turn, affects the body. This is the effect of water memory. However, such an idea was never experimented and was not supported by the scientific community. Also the preparation does not contain water, it consists only of sugar. A representative of one of the French laboratories said that this homeopathic remedy is safe, since there is nothing in it. Evidence-based medicine denies the effectiveness of such a drug, proving that the therapeutic effect of it does not exceed the placebo.

But, despite such polar reviews, people from all over the world use this tool, and it has become really popular. But would it be so famous if it had no effect?

Opinions of people

Knowing now about the opposite views of doctors on this drug, it is worth considering whether it is possible to use the Ozillococcinum for children. Parents' responses on this score also diverge. Everyone who has ever acquired this homeopathic remedy has different opinions. Some people write that the medicine is coping with its task, the main thing is to start treatment on time, and then the child has all the symptoms of flu or cold for 3 days. Other moms say that the remedy is effective only at first: the result really comes, and the baby is going fast to recover. But, as they say, with the next wave of flu, the remedy can not help. In their opinion, the children's organism simply does not perceive it already, it is getting used to the drug. There are parents who categorically oppose the use of Ozillococcinum for children. Reviews of a negative nature are related to the fact that the drug did not show itself at all, did not help to cope with the flu in children. In addition, according to some mothers, this drug is expensive, given the fact that the effect of it is zero. So, for 1 package, in which there are 4 blisters, you will have to pay about 500 rubles.

Anyway, some people really believe in the healing properties of this homeopathic remedy, while others simply do not perceive it, considering it simply a placebo effect. But still this drug helps many people, not only in France, but throughout the world, including in the US and Russia.

Now you know that the medicine "Ocillococcinum" is a homeopathic remedy designed to help the patient to cope with the flu and ARVI more quickly. Analogues on the active substance he does not, but for similar properties there are many similar drugs. As for the use of the drug, people have both positive and negative feedback. Doctors also respond in different ways: some say that the remedy helps, others say that this is just a placebo effect. However, despite such different opinions, the drug is popular all over the world.

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