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How to preserve corn for the winter

Of the many famous vegetables, corn is perhaps the most favorite dish of children and not only. The plant is quite unique, it is able to accumulate gold, so the color of the earrings is golden. The advantage of corn will be told by the fact that it contains 26 elements of the famous periodic table. By the way, young corn canned preserves all its properties. And it even becomes even more useful.

Many housewives prefer to simply buy a jar in any store. But in vain. For many years now, we have been preserving corn at home and we can say with confidence that this is completely uncomplicated. In addition, you can be sure of the environmental cleanliness of the product one hundred percent. And you do not have any preservatives, stabilizers, emulsifiers or other indecent things.

In order not to get lost among the variety of recipes, we will show you how to preserve corn, preserving all the useful properties and unsurpassed taste.


We will focus on two options of procurement, time-tested. The first recipe will tell you how to preserve corn with grains. The process begins with the separation of the grains from the cob. To do this, corn for a few minutes must be lowered into boiling water and immediately sprinkled with cold water. This will facilitate the task. Then the grains are washed in boiled water and blanched for no more than 3 minutes. We prepare the pouring: for a liter of clean water - a spoonful of dining room with a slide of salt and three tablespoons of tea sugar.

Now you need to fill with prepared grains sterilized cans slightly more than half. Advice: roll corn best in half-liter jars. To preserve the canned food, long-term sterilization is required. Banks are covered with lids and undergo a complicated sterilization process for at least 3 hours at a boiling temperature of 100 ° C. After this, the product is immediately rolled up, the strength of the seam is checked. These blanks are stored in a cool place for about a year.

The second recipe will tell you how to preserve corn on the cob. We will even share in two ways. To prepare the usual billet take the cob, carefully washed, a little welded and stacked in a prepared sterile jar. Then the contents are poured with a special hot brine (per liter of boiling water - 1 tablespoon of salt). Banks are sterilized for at least an hour. But the second way for lovers of spicy foods. It is necessary to take the cobs, clean, wash and boil a little salted water. Then you can prepare a marinade. A liter of clean water goes 150 gr. Table salt. Now they are preparing the cans themselves: 1 teaspoon of vinegar is poured into a sterilized 1 liter jar, followed by spices, bay leaves and greens. Corn cobs are laid and filled with boiling marinade. This blank is sterilized for 10 minutes.

Now everyone has learned how to preserve corn, and can boldly prepare a variety of dishes with the addition of this wonderful vegetable, treat friends, and most importantly, be sure of the naturalness of the prepared product for one hundred percent.

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