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Born in the year of the Monkey. Astrological characteristics will reveal secrets

They say that people born in the year of the Monkey are very interesting personalities. They are in some ways contradictory and eccentric, somewhat inventive and intelligent. They have developed intuition, they are clever and resourceful. And the Monkeys have a very interesting and incredible fate. About this and talk.

General Characteristics of Monkeys

We suggest first to know the nature of these people. It should be noted that the year of the Monkey is 1980. Characteristics of those who were born precisely in this year are particularly interesting. Monkeys differ mind, intuition and know how to predict events. They will never sound their thoughts without thinking and calculating future events. The character of the Monkey is twofold. On the one hand, they are calm. It seems at times that no circumstances can lead the Monkey out of himself. It is not controversial, does not tolerate quarrels and gossip. Never allow himself to water his familiar people with dirt. If there is a conflict in her environment, she will rather observe the events from the side than she herself will participate. On the other hand, the monkey will never forgive insults, insults and betrayals. Moreover, the ill-wisher will be punished severely. She will not accept any pleas and requests for forgiveness.

It should be said that people with special gifts are born in the year of the Monkey. Characteristic astrological suggests that they have a lot of talent since childhood. They feel and are able to see beauty, have a subtle hearing and a pleasant timbre of voice. It is important to recognize the special gift and begin to develop in time. It should also be said that the monkeys are easily given both humanitarian and exact sciences. They can easily learn several foreign languages in a short time without much effort. In mathematics, feel like a fish in the water.

Friendship with the Monkey

Those who are born in the year of the Monkey, characterize astrological, very loyal and reliable friends. These people are ready for anything to help a loved one. They will not hesitate to do anything if it somehow helps a friend. The monkey does not forgive betrayal. She should once be disappointed in a man, to permanently delete him from his life. People born in the year of the monkey, described above, zealously choose interlocutors and friends. Monkeys are trusting, do not believe in human cruelty and evil. Because of this, people are often disappointed.

Love and relationships

Of course, it is worth mentioning about the love and relationship of those born in the year of the Monkey. Characteristics: a man is a very passionate and attentive lover, a woman is full of sensuality and eroticism. For Monkeys, love is just as necessary as breathing. It is important for a woman and a man not only to know that they are loved, but also to see signs that confirm feelings. They like to receive unexpected gifts, they are delighted with unplanned visits, full of romance and pleasant surprises. Born in the year of the Monkey, characteristic and the stars claim - the most faithful companions of life. They are always comfortable and cozy, interesting and pleasant. Every day, lived with the Monkey, a holiday.

Briefly about the main thing ...

About the monkeys and their astrological characteristics can be spoken without stopping. These are very interesting people. To fully study the people born in the year of the Monkey, the whole human life is not enough. And that they are interesting.

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