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Draniki potato recipe for all occasions.

For potato lovers, there are many recipes for cooking. The potato is good in any performance: both fried, and boiled, and stewed. It is rich in potassium, which is necessary for the human body.

Potatoes make salads and separate dishes. One of these dishes is potato pancakes. The recipe is simple and does not take too much time, but when the pancakes are ready, then the whole family rushes to enjoy such a delicious food. They are eaten with sour cream or make garlic sauce (a small amount of water, sunflower oil and garlic - mix everything, salt and sprinkle potato fritters with this brine ). There is another way how to eat the above-mentioned dish, a sour cream is smeared on a potato pudding, a circle of fried zucchini is put on top and sour cream is again placed, then a circle of tomato is stacked, and everything is punctured with a toothpick or a special skewer. This stroke is needed to ensure that such, let's say, the sandwich does not creep away when nibbling. And if you mix sour cream or mayonnaise with parsley and dill and put garlic there, then such a dish will also be quite not bad.

In order to cook potato pancakes potato recipe is not one, their great variety. Consider several options, which must necessarily come to taste to all lovers of potatoes.

1. The potatoes are rubbed on the smallest grater, this process is preferably not to stretch, as the grated potatoes quickly darken, and the dranis turn out to be dark, but this is a matter of a more aesthetic taste. In the grated potato mass, you need to add 2-3 eggs, salt, pepper, rub the onions there, and mix everything thoroughly. After adding 1-2 tablespoons of flour, and again mix everything. The weight for frying is ready, now it is necessary to warm up the frying pan, pour in it sunflower oil and fry until cooked.

If you are a fan of calories, you can fry pancakes on pre-melted fat. Salo is cut into small cubes and laid out on a hot frying pan, when slices of fat swam, we divide them into piles at the rate (how many heaps of fat, as much and pancakes should fit in the frying pan). So, heaps need to be straightened out and put on them a portion of potato mass. Thus, the pieces of melted fat will, as it were, in the potato itself.

2. Another way how to cook potato pancakes , the recipe is slightly different from the previous one. To grated potatoes add grated zucchini, cut more dill, well, and also salt, pepper, eggs, onions and flour. Dranniki with zucchini to fry on fat, perhaps, it is not necessary, although again - it's a matter of taste.

3.Draniki potato with mushrooms are prepared almost the same scenario, only in grated potatoes are added chopped mushrooms. They can be pre-fried in oil, or you can simply throw them into potato stuffing. If you decided to fry all-such fry, then on the frying pan you can add finely chopped onions, then the taste will be somewhat more saturated.

If you are interested in how to make potato pancakes in a more refined way, then you can use the simplest recipe for their preparation, but serve them with sprinkled finely chopped fried meat and watered lard or butter, on which meat was roasted. From above, sprinkle with dill and parsley, and for decoration use a few sheets of salad, spread out on the edges of the plate.

Those who are lazy to grate potatoes on a small grater, but like potato pancakes, the recipe does not prohibit the use of an average grater or meat grinder. But in such a case, potatoes should be passed through the meat grinder twice.

This is only a small part of the options, how to cook potato pancakes. But in order to make the draniki tasty, it is not necessary to do everything strictly according to the prescription, you can dream up and come up with your own corporate recipe, which feed the friends who have looked at guests.

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