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Bread pudding: a recipe for cooking. How to cook a diet pudding

According to the ideas of people who have never been in England, pudding and oatmeal are almost all the dishes that the inhabitants of the Foggy Albion eat. In any case, in the culinary plan, these two dishes for the whole world personify Britain. And if oatmeal in cooking is unlikely to cause difficulties even for a very inexperienced cook, then pudding is something complicated, requiring numerous body movements and mind-blowing cooking skills. Like most stereotypes, such an opinion is mistaken. Even the beginner mistress can cook the same bread pudding-let her have to start with, so to say, small forms. That is, in the first times take very small containers for baking. And, of course, to learn a few culinary secrets.

Secrets of splendor

It can not be said that the English national dish is so capricious in cooking. But, like any other, it requires a respectful attitude, a special approach and observance of certain rules:

  1. Before you make a pudding, the shape for it should be evenly and not too hot. It is enough to put a container in the oven for about three minutes.
  2. Fill the lubricated molds half way, maximum - two thirds of the height. The dough will go up, but in the unpublished state - and pour out onto the leaf. The smell of a burnt and ugly appearance is hardly a sign of a culinary masterpiece.
  3. The main secret, how to make a pudding lush and ruddy, is as follows: do not open the oven until the end of baking. Have to peek through the glass. Otherwise, the dough will settle and will not be baked any more - in any case, evenly.

These rules apply to recipes that involve the preparation of a special test. Classic bread pudding is made much easier. It is possible to practice on it, before proceeding to more complex tasks.

English bread pudding

You will not believe: for him you need a regular white loaf, and yes even dried up. Something like what is usually allowed on cutlets. True, not only him. First, additional ingredients are prepared: three raisins of raisins are washed and soaked in half a glass of red port wine. Of the third kilogram of fresh cherries are extracted pits. The form where the bread pudding will be baked is smeared; Half of the slices of the loaf, smeared with oil, are laid out on the bottom. Half a liter of milk is beaten with three eggs and four tablespoons of sugar. A third of the mass is poured onto the bread. Further, the cherry and the raisin raisins are interspersed. Fruits are placed on the remaining pieces of bread, moistened in an egg; The wine, in which the raisins are soaked, combines with the filling and pours into the mold. After half an hour, allotted to impregnate the future bread pudding, the recipe says to remove the sheet in the oven for about an hour. Is not it difficult?

Yorkshire pudding

Now let's move on to more complex recipes. The Yorkshire variant is basic, on its basis it is possible to prepare almost everything, anything. We suggest preparing pudding from Jamie Oliver: he is preparing without any complicated manipulations. A glass of flour is poured into a glass of milk; It is better to warm the liquid, but even with a cold it will all work out, the main thing is to take it fatter. The components are whipped. When the lumps dissolve, the egg is hammered and a little salt is poured in. Want a greater brightness of taste - add at the same stage dry fragrant herbs. Dough is poured over heated and oiled molds. Yorkshire (it's bread) pudding is put in the oven and is kept until golden (20-30 minutes is enough). Even after pulling it is not "blown away" and does not lose form.

In the apple summer

No less popular in England is the apple-bread pudding. The recipe is somewhat similar to the one on which a regular pie is prepared, but the taste of the product is radically different. The form is smeared and sprinkled with breadcrumbs, along which thin fruity segments are laid out. Polbatona (white, of course) is cut with any pieces and placed on apples. A third of a glass of sugar sticks together with a glass of milk, three eggs and a pinch of cinnamon. This mixture is poured pudding and put in the oven. The time that will hold the apple-bread pudding in it depends on the height of the form. But in no way more than forty minutes.

Salted pudding with cheese and cottage cheese

Contrary to popular belief, English delicacy does not necessarily have to be a dessert. Homemade pudding is quite worthy as an "accompaniment" for meat and fish, and even as the main dish is not bad at all. Classic bread version with some modifications can be included in the list of your favorite dishes. Traditional start: four eggs are beaten with a glass of milk - this time salted. One hundred grams of cottage cheese is rubbed through a sieve; The same amount of cheese is finely rubbed. In a bowl, mix the base, two-thirds of the cheese, cottage cheese and slices of the half-day-old loaf. Pepper, too, does not hurt. After mixing, the "dough" is laid out on a greased and sprinkled form, and the top is peppered with the remains of cheese. A quarter of an hour spent in the oven, home pudding seduces the family with smells and ruddy appearance.

Fast and cheap

Fans of English cooking invented how to make a pudding without the inherent wisdom. And this time it will be dessert. For its preparation, half a glass of warm milk dissolves five teaspoons of starch, sugar and cocoa. You can add a touch of vanillin. The resulting homogeneous liquid is poured into the remaining milk (collectively it is taken half a liter), and the saucepan is placed on a very quiet fire. The only difficulty - constantly have to stir, so that nothing is stuck. After a minute of boiling, the hot mass is poured over the beautiful creams, and after cooling you get a real English pudding.

Curd variations

Another dessert, which will appeal even to children who are disgusted with such a useful sour-milk product. A third of a liter of unheated milk is poured slightly less than half a cup of manga; Minutes after 10, when the mass begins to thicken, the pan is removed from the fire. The yolks of four eggs are ground with a third glass of sugar, combined with a manga and whipped. In another vessel, whites are beaten with a pile of sugar and lemon zest, both masses are mixed and supplemented with raisins, after which the homemade pudding is put for half an hour into a hot oven. With sour cream, jam or syrup - you will not come off!

Milk pudding

Even those who bravely adheres to diets, sometimes you want something delicious (and very often - sweet). There is nothing easier - they can make a diet pudding, and do not be confused by the presence of milk in it: it is now found and zero fat content. Liter of such a product boils with the addition of suitable spices: cloves, cinnamon, vanilla, and those who are afraid of harming the constitution can also sprinkle turmeric (it burns fat). After removing from the cooker in the milk, swollen gelatin dissolves (the amount - according to the enclosed instructions), and after a partial cooling (when it does not burn, and you can hold the container in hand) - a spoonful of honey. It will cool down - you can enjoy without worrying about kilograms.

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