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Dishes from chicken breasts

Tender, dietary poultry is always popular. Dishes from chicken breasts are delicious, useful, festive. Any national cuisine offers many recipes using chicken fillet. Each mistress can cook and beautifully serve something very tasty, cooked from the breasts. I want to believe that the proposed recipes will supplement and diversify the family's recipe catalog, help decorate and diversify the table. As a rule, a tasty and beautifully decorated dish always brings some solemnity, a sense of celebration to the house.

What can I cook from a chicken breast? There are a lot of recipes, they are all original. As a rule, everything that is prepared with a soul is always delicious. Consider several recipes, cooking does not require special skills. The first is a cue ball with cheese from chicken breasts. You will need: a kilo of fillet, five hundred grams of cheese, onion, mayonnaise, salt, spices. Chicken fillet must be cut along for portioned pieces and well discouraged. After that, salt and pepper. When preparing a dish from chicken breasts, remember that the meat is soaked with salt and spices before cooking. Therefore, at this stage, the prepared meat can be put in a cold place for at least half an hour.

After it is a little soaked, we spread it on a baking sheet, greased with vegetable oil. It is desirable to lay out tightly, without leaving empty seats on the baking sheet. Peel and cut into half-rings onion. Lightly squeeze it with your hands to make it a little softer and not much "puffed up." Cut the chopped onion with the meat. The more onions, the more juicy the final product will be. On a large grater we rub cheese and lay out from above. Smooth everything with a uniform ball and grease the entire surface with a small layer of mayonnaise. You can draw a kind of grid using mayonnaise. Put in a preheated oven. The preparation of this dish of chicken breasts will take about thirty minutes. As soon as the cheese melts and starts baking, you can get it out of the oven. Allow to cool slightly, put on a serving plate, you can serve with garnish and without it.

What to cook from chicken breasts quickly and deliciously? There is such a dish, and this is a chicken fillet in breadcrumbs. Prepared fairly quickly. Chicken fillet must be cut not pieces that resemble small squares about four centimeters in shape. Fold in a bowl, add salt and pepper. In a separate bowl, it is good to beat two eggs. In another bowl, pour the breadcrumbs, you can sprinkle a little and add spices or seasonings for the chicken. Each slice dipped in an egg, then in breadcrumbs and put on a hot frying pan, with the addition of sunflower oil. Fry from all sides. Finished roasted fillets lay on a paper towel, then on a serving plate. Everything, you can eat with garnish or yourself. Very tasty and juicy dish. Favorite delicacy of children.

Dishes from chicken breasts have one more recipe, this is a roll with cheese. Chicken fillet wash, dipped with a paper towel to remove excess moisture. Slice along and beat well. So, that would be a big piece, like a semi-finished cue ball. To prepare a roll for four people you can use two or three fillets. You can use foil for baking. Lubricate the surface of the foil with vegetable oil and put on it chicken fillets. Spread out so that pieces of meat overlap slightly. So, lay out a small strip. Salt and pepper. Hard cheese, about five hundred grams, rubbed on a coarse grater and flattened on the surface of the beaten meat, gently rolled into a roll. The resulting roll is wrapped in foil and fastened to the edges. In a preheated oven, bake for about thirty minutes. After that, get it and let it cool without turning it around. After the roll has cooled completely, unfold and cut into portioned pieces. It is a very tasty and original snack.

Dishes from chicken breasts provide for the preparation of this roll with all kinds of stuffing. In the same way, you can prepare another original recipe. But instead of cheese, pre-prepared mushrooms are taken. To do this, mushrooms, for example, champignons, pre-fry with onions until ready. Then throw it back in a colander and drain. Then put the mushrooms on the already prepared fillet and roll in the same way as described above. Bake for about thirty minutes. Remove from the foil and cut into portions after fully cooling. These rolls very well complement any garnish. Excellent for sandwiches, look effectively on the festive table.

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