Embassy of Russia in Kiev: where is, how it works

Anyone can be in a difficult situation. At home, he will be assisted by relatives, friends, competent authorities. But what can an ordinary person who got into a difficult situation in another country do? The answer is unequivocal: he can ask for help in the diplomatic representation of his country, which will be able to assist in solving many of the problems that have arisen. But initially it is always useful to know with what questions and where to go, because embassies and consulates can represent the interests of citizens of their country abroad.

Next, we'll go into more detail with key concepts. Let's consider the Russian embassy in Kiev and its consular department.


There is a Russian diplomatic representation in a separate building on Vozduhoflotsky Avenue, 27. The Embassy solves political issues at the highest level. It prepares and provides important information for Russia on the state of affairs in Ukraine. The mission is headed by an extraordinary plenipotentiary ambassador, whose duties are currently performed by M.Yu. Zurabov. His main work is negotiating and signing various contracts on behalf of the Russian Federation. The activity is strictly regulated.


The Russian Embassy in Kiev has a consular department covering six Ukrainian regions. This institution is territorially located in Kiev and is part of the main diplomatic representation. The department is charged with the duty to resolve issues of legal entities and citizens of Russia located on the territory of Ukraine. In general, the consulate is engaged in issuing visas, confirmations and certificates, as well as other papers. The competence of the department also includes the issues of admission and confirmation of Russian citizenship, pensions, legalization of documents and their notarization, loss of documents, registration with a consular account, and the design of a passport.

On the portal you can always find out about the latest events in the embassy and see the latest news from the consulate. All information is presented in a structured form, and it is not difficult to find the required one.

In addition, there are general consulates of the Russian Federation in Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv and the Honorary Consulate of the Russian Federation in Chernigov. They fulfill all the functions of diplomatic representations. It should be noted that in the legislation of the Russian Federation there is no such thing as an "honorary consulate", and it is believed that in this case, the head of the mission performs his duties individually in abnormal order.

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