Is the resettler a refugee?

The last ten years can often be heard from various sources about the immigration of the population. Let us consider in more detail what kind of phenomenon it is.

A resettler is a person who, for certain reasons, is forced to leave the place of permanent residence.

Reasons for resettlement

The circumstances for which a citizen must make a move are usually several, but there may be only one. It is worth remembering that the status of a migrant is provided to a person only when applying to officially registered authorities and only when issuing the relevant documents. Living in the territory of another country without documents is illegal. So, the reasons for the resettlement:

  1. Religious. In some countries or areas, a particular religion may be imposed, which, if disagreed, people may have problems - from non-acceptance by society, to imprisonment or loss of life.
  2. Political. This is one of the most popular reasons. A vivid example in the modern world can be made by some countries. They are internally displaced people. Ukraine - one of the countries in which there is immigration of the population on political convictions.
  3. Language. There are harassment of citizens due to language differences.
  4. National. Often this reason is called "racial". This can happen because of differences in nationalities. This can be demonstrated particularly clearly by the example of African Americans of the 19th and 20th centuries in America.

The difference between a refugee and a migrant

More details about this can be found in legal documents. There are several. The UN 1951 Convention is considered to be the main one. But, not to be confused, it is worth knowing that the most important difference between these two concepts in citizenship.

A refugee is a person who is not a citizen of the country to which he came because of various circumstances. The resettler is, on the contrary, an officially registered citizen of the country, and in some cases also a foreign person residing in this territory permanently, but under certain circumstances forced to move.

Assistance to the migrants

Every citizen who finds himself in such a difficult life situation should remember that it is possible to receive material assistance from the state, but only once. You can get it by justifying why it is necessary. There is no clear list of the items for which cash benefits are provided, but it is worth remembering: a migrant is already a sufficiently weighty reason. This is due to the fact that a person in most cases is forced to change the habitual course of life - to quit work, home / apartment, social contacts and so on. But there are categories of citizens who are provided with material support often enough. We list them:

  • Large families.
  • Pensioners who have no relatives and are left alone.
  • Persons with disabilities or persons who need treatment.

However, assistance to immigrants can be provided not only by state bodies. Quite often there are people who are not indifferent, ready to provide both material and moral support. The latter is an important factor when moving, especially forced.

Procedure for obtaining the status

Every person who finds himself in such a situation, first of all, needs to register the necessary status in the state bodies at the place of residence. For this purpose, a certain set of documents is collected:

  • The first thing you need is a petition. The official form can be obtained from the migration service. Also to this document are provided information confirming that the relocation was forced.
  • The next item is paper that confirms the person. You also need photos.
  • If there is an opportunity, then documents are provided that carry information about the marriage or its dissolution. Large families attach the appropriate paper.
  • It may be necessary to have documents that indicate at what time period the previous place of residence was abandoned.

All of the above should be provided strictly in the original, no copies.

Further, a response is expected from the state authorities to issue the relevant status. However, a refusal can come if there is a suspicion of an attempt by a person to escape from the country where the crime was committed. The resettler is a person who has not committed any grievous deeds. In addition, intentionally false information will also be the reason for the refusal.

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