Computer registry cleaning program: a review of the best

Often it is necessary to immediately check the mailbox, correct the text document, hold a videoconference, and the computer suddenly started to load for a very long time, hang heavily and think for a long time even when moving with the mouse. One of the main problems is the "clogged up" registry. Conclusion - it must be cleaned.

How does the computer get clogged?

When installing new applications, operating system errors, incorrect shutdown, infection with viruses and improperly configured computers start to work very slowly and unpredictably. All these factors affect the registry, which can not be cleaned by hand, since it contains millions of keys and files.

What is the registry?

The registry itself is a large database that stores the parameters of both the hardware and software of the computer. And to cope with the slow work helps to clean this very database with the help of specialized programs, the choice of which is great. But which of the many are the best? This is what the conversation will be about.

Paid programs

The first program for cleaning the registry is Reg Organizer. Possesses a very rich set of possibilities. In addition to manual and automatic registry cleaning can delete installed programs, create and compare snapshots of keys. In addition to this, there is a function to configure the operating system and clean the drive of unnecessary system files. The program is paid. And this is its main drawback. Of the free functions - only search for registry errors.

A good choice is the use of the universal program Advanced SystemCare. It well optimizes the operating system, clears the registry and speeds up the computer. There are two versions of the program - free and paid. There is a program for cleaning the registry (version 7 of Windows also supports it) very quickly. There are two modes - for beginners and professionals. The second mode allows you to fine tune and optimize the system. A distinctive feature is the multifunctionality:

  • Clean the disk and registry.
  • Error correction.
  • Monitoring the processes of the operating system.

Free software

Software package Glary Utilities. It has many useful and free functions. Among them:

  • Remove garbage from the disk, unused program shortcuts, empty directories, fix registry errors, find and delete duplicate files. The latter function will be especially useful for those who have a lot of music and photos on their computer.
  • Editing startup programs, improving work with memory, defragmenting both the registry and hard disk.
  • Ability to recover deleted files, clear browser history and encryption.
  • Search the file system, analyze the disk space, combine small or cut large files (this is necessary when writing to discs).
  • Displaying information about the system, creating a backup of the entire registry, so that you can then restore the working version after certain operations.

Ccleaner Registry Cleaner is one of the most famous utilities. It is free, but it very well clears both the registry and unnecessary files on the hard drive, in the cache. There is a very useful function to delete files that are manually discarded. It can perfectly optimize the registry, but this completes the functionality. If the main task is only cleaning, then Ccleaner is a wonderful solution. The program performs its task perfectly.

Windows Cleaner is a free program for cleaning the registry and fixing bugs with closed source code. Cleans system garbage on the computer, thereby increasing productivity. Among the functions:

  • Work with the startup system.
  • Creation of breakpoints for recovery from failures.
  • The ability to save all previous cleanups is one of the main features of this program.

The Registry Repair utility is an easy-to-use registry cleaning program that fixes registry errors. It tests the registry for errors and incorrect paths, searches for entries that are not completely removed, and fixes this in automatic mode. In comparison with many analogues, the program recognizes a greater number of system errors. Scanning takes care of computer resources, and the registry cleaning program will work smartly even on weak machines. If there are entries made by spyware, then they will be cleaned. This program is free and designed for the average user.


So, to eliminate errors and slow computer operation, sometimes you need to check it for garbage, and if it is available, then clean it. After all, with the time such unnecessary files accumulate a few gigabytes. The above programs for cleaning and fixing the registry help to successfully deal with garbage and errors. Which one to use - each user chooses for himself. After all, the choice is great. And thanks to competition, manufacturers with each new version make these programs even better.

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