What is Cyrillic in the password? Detailed analysis

The article describes what Cyrillic is in the password, why it can not be used, and because of what an error with such content arises.


In this age of digital technology, it is difficult to find a person who does not use various electronic devices and gadgets. And in each of them, sometimes there is a need to protect information from access by outsiders, and the most successful solution is a common password. It is also needed for authorization in programs and Internet services. And if the name is clear, how can you understand that it is his owner who is trying to enter the same "VKontakte"? In this case, the password comes to the rescue. But often the system does not accept it, cursing for the presence of Russian letters. So what is Cyrillic in the password, and why is its use mistaken?

"Incorrect password"

Such a system message occurs when it is erroneous. For example, the user accidentally entered the wrong symbol and did not pay attention to it. But sometimes, it would seem, everything is true, it is repeatedly checked, but to enter under the account all does not quit. One possible reason for the error is that the person forgot to change the keyboard layout or used the Cyrillic character in it. Usually for the convenience of users, the site or application can warn about it, giving a hint that the code phrase has a Russian alphabet. But such functionality is not found in all services. So we figured out what is Cyrillic in the password.

To correct such an error, you just need to be more careful, - check which language the information is entered in, and whether the Caps Lock key is turned on. After all, for example, Planeta and PlAnEtA - completely different passwords, and this is worth remembering. But why the use of our "native" letters is prohibited?


When deciding the question of Cyrillic in the password, it is necessary to mention the general state of affairs in the computer world. The thing is that they and the Internet are distributed to all countries, as are their various services. And a large number of software, titles, documentation and other things are translated into the language of the desired region, but it does not always happen and not with everyone. After all, one thing - the interface of the program or site, and the other - technical information, internal configuration files and what the average user does not need. All this is compiled in English. As with real life, in the computer world it is also universal and international.

That's why you can not use Cyrillic in the password, Like Arabic characters with Chinese characters.

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