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Before you start talking about how to change the skin in minecraft, you need to understand the very concept and find out what it is.

Each site and any of its pages have a certain appearance, that is, they have their own color, font and other graphic design effects. Manage all this user help specific files, which in a bunch and form the so-called skin. In simple terms, this is the appearance of the resource page.

If you look at these files from the example of one site, you can see that they always show the same content, but things such as menus, captions and headers are completely changed. Let's say some of them can display all this in different places or not show at all. The functions of the skins can be completely different: what some have, the others do not, and vice versa. And if the user creates them himself, then they, in general, have unique abilities.

So, the skin is a certain set of files, with the help of which it is determined how one or another page of the PmWiki resource will be displayed. They are most often stored in subfolders called pub / skins. The most typical and characteristic consist of several files:

- a template (for example, skin.tmpl or gemini.tmpl), which is created in HTML or XHTML. This is a real skeleton or skeleton of skin. It consists of special markers, the main function of which is to specify the PmWiki where to insert the content;

- CSS files that directly control the appearance of the skin itself;

- common image files, jpg, .png and .gif formats . They are needed in order to decorate the page graphically;

- Various additional settings and functions that are not in HTML and CSS, are placed in PHP files;

- files readme.txt or skinname.txt., In which it is usually written about the tricks of the installation or any additional functions, for example, how to change the skin in minecraft.

Most of these documents are packed in formats zip, .tgz or .tar.gz. Therefore, before you change the skin in minecraft or install it in any other game, you need to unzip it. You need to do this in the pub / skins / folder, which you can find inside pmwiki. It happens that in the process of the action being performed, they automatically create their own destination folders. If this does not happen, you must create it yourself.

Most often in many games the ready skins of players do not suit, and there is a desire to create your own. Here, for example, very often think of minecraft players, how to change the skin. Here we must remember that there is a licensed game, and there is a pirated version. Accordingly, the actions for the replacement will be different. So, how to change the skin in minecraft, which has a license. First of all, we select the skin file, give it a different name char.png (just like that, you can not do it differently, otherwise it will not work). Any archiver opens the folder minecraft.jar and copy the selected skin into it. To check, we open the game and see a new image.

In the pirated version it is also possible. To do this, we perform almost the same actions as in the licensed version. Only after opening the file minecraft.jar, you must also run the mob folder. And here's the copy of the player's skin you like. In this version there is one nuance: the changes will pass to all players in multiplayer.

After all these manipulations, you need to restart the browser and the changes will take effect. And if I'm tired of the standard kind of player, the hard part is how to change the skin in minecraft, nothing. With a careful approach it takes about five minutes of free time and you can rejoice at the result.

In addition to changing the skin, you can create it yourself completely and not only in the mentioned game. To do this, create a copy of the pub / skins / pmwiki folder and rename it with the desired name. In the created file local / config.php in the name of the created skin is written $ Skin. Then the template file and CSS are changed. Now you can see what happened. If the result does not satisfy, you must repeat the actions of changing the name and settings of the template and CSS. You can do this until you reach the desired species.

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