How to use CCleaner to clean up the operating system from garbage?

The program CCleaner is ideal for all categories of users who want to clean their computer of debris. If you do not know how to use CCleaner, then there is no cause for concern, since the program is extremely easy to use.

It is designed to thoroughly clean the system of garbage and destroy unnecessary registry links that can help slow down the PC. If the program for cleaning the CCleaner registry is used regularly, then most small problems with the computer can be safely forgotten.

After starting the program, pay attention to the top part of its window: there you can see enough detailed information about both your OS and the computer components. In the left part of the window are the main software options, which are responsible for cleaning the system. The application interface is as friendly as possible to a novice who does not know how to use CCleaner on his computer.

The most important for us is the "cleaning" section, in which the main tools for performing preventive measures for cleaning the computer from garbage are grouped. And the application can not simply clean out those unnecessary files that the operating system itself leaves behind, but also remove the "tails" that remain after the removal of various applications from the computer.

Thus, the program for cleaning the computer CCleaner is one of the most important and necessary applications. It should be installed by every user interested in the fast and stable operation of his computer.

So, how to use CCleaner to clean your computer of garbage? It's very simple: launch the program and click on the tab called "registry". Place the check boxes next to the functions you need and click the "check" button. All. This concludes your participation, and you can safely await the results of the audit. Depending on the power of your computer and the state of the operating system on it, it can take up to several minutes to check.

After the check is completed, the program will throw out a window with notification of the scan. There you will see the exact number of incorrect registry keys. Each of them can be fixed independently, and you can give everything to the program, which will automatically correct all incorrect values. Clicking the "fix all" button, you activate this mode.

But! Before using CCleaner, you must be aware that after your actions, important registry keys may be lost. To minimize the risks, it is advisable to make backup copies before any operation with the registry. By the way, before any operations with it, the program will automatically remind you about it, offering to make a copy of the registry. Remember the unpleasant consequences in the event that you want to "tweak" something in the settings. Despite enough detailed tips, beginners do not recommend this.

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