How to reconcile after a quarrel? Tips for lovers

Disagreements often lead to disputes between couples. Is there a way to not quarrel at all? Probably not. All couples in love from time to time begin to find out the relationship, but we want to give you advice on how to catch up after a quarrel, even if it was very serious.

1. Count up to 10

Seriously, it works! When you hear something that you do not like or do not agree with your partner, take a deep breath and count to 10. You do not want to offend your partner in a rush, do you?

2. Create a special "stop signal" for two

When a quarrel with your partner approaches the tipping point, it is very important to stop all "fighting" using the secret signal that you have come up with together. It can be a gesture, for example, or a funny word. So you can show your partner that he came very close to the threshold of your patience.

3. Do not always try to be right.

It's not what you really want, is it? You should not always be right. In a dispute with a loved one there are no right or wrong. Even if you are deeply offended during a dispute, when you reconcile, it will not be so important. Try it and you will notice the difference.

4. Some problems are not worth your quarrels

It is quite normal to have disagreements, especially when you are just getting used to living with each other. But there are problems that are not worth your nerves, but only lead to stress and resentment. Learn to choose wisely what causes your time and which are not.

5. Embrace your partner

During a flash of misunderstanding or a quarrel, the last thing you want to do is touch someone who is standing in front of you. However, any tactile contact will remind you that you love this person and want to be together. Do not be afraid to ask your partner to embrace you, and do not refuse to do it yourself. This will help you avoid a serious quarrel.

6. Do something "impossible"

Let's face it: we are inclined to interpret in our own way everything that our partners do or say, and often these assessments are negative. In addition, we all begin to recall the past. If a loved one does not wash the dishes after you, you immediately say that he never helped you in the kitchen. If he forgets about some important date for your pair, you say that he never cared about your relationship. Do something "impossible": try to understand why it behaves this way. This will change the whole nature of your relationship.

7. Go to bed

Experts argue that there is no need to tolerate the same day when you had a quarrel. Do not rush to conclusions, rest and try to get up early the next day. Do not worry: during the night with your relationship nothing bad will happen.

8. Use humor

Think of a joke! This is a great way to relieve tension. But do not try to be ironic or cruel to a partner, just use an innocent gesture or a funny word. It always helps.

9. Realize what caused your dissatisfaction

In a quarrel, there are always two people who have different points of view. While you breathe deeply for 10 seconds (following our first rule), think about what exactly makes you angry and causes discomfort. Do not be afraid to take responsibility!

10. Take care of the pleasure

Your relationship with a partner is always influenced by the environment in which you live. Negative atmosphere can easily turn disagreement into a big quarrel. For example, when you are hungry or there are many noisy people around you, this will prevent you from quietly discussing the problem, as a result of which the tension between you and the partner will increase. Try to take care of the "pleasure dose", which will help not only you, but also your partner, for example, prepare a delicious drink. Thus, you will show the partner that now is not the time to quarrel, which means that you can have dinner and relax.

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