How to Protect ICQ From Breaking

Wandering through the Internet, you can stumble upon a lot of sites that offer their visitors different programs for hacking uin numbers. Of course, many users willingly download these programs, not paying attention to the "matyugaiysya" antivirus, believing that it should be so, because the program is hacking. That's it, hacking! What motivates people who are against such computer's security? Desire to take a beautiful short number, hack uin your girlfriend (boyfriend) or friend, for your own mercenary purposes!

What is the result after installation of these hacker programs? It is not difficult to guess that access to various accounts of social networks, online games, electronic wallets, icq numbers, where the user was previously registered, is beginning to disappear. The virus has stealthily stolen all the passwords and changed them to their own. The user immediately begins to look for the cause of this phenomenon and then remembers the recently downloaded program for hacking uin-numbers. Removes this program and starts to clean the computer with antivirus. Fortunately, if the antivirus is constantly updated and is paid, then it will prevent further threat to your accounts, which the virus did not manage to affect. But to return hacked accounts will be extremely difficult and time-consuming. Duck was it worth the risk? They downloaded the program for hacking ICQ, but were themselves hacked and all the dreams of a beautiful wanna collapsed in a moment. Now this lesson will be remembered for a long time.

Conclusion: never download hacking programs for hacking ICQ, and in general with caution, treat the dubious software. Install a popular paid antivirus, where the virus database is constantly updated, which is able to protect the ICQ from hacking, as well as the computer from possible external threats!

The use of programs for hacking already violates the law of the Russian Federation, and hacking someone else's uin-number, or any other account, all the more!

Do not open links that come in ICQ

Very often in my ICQ come various spam with a link to an incomprehensible resource, from unknown numbers uin. Of course, I ignore such messages! And you? And if it says that this is a girl who passionately wants to meet you, and offers to look at her photo on the proposed link? Here, many representatives of the male curiosity prevails over the mind, and they gladly follow the link to look at the photo of their secret "fan." What do they see when they cross it? There are 3 options.

1. Indeed there is a photo that lies on the photo hosting. It depicts a beautiful girl, but she is not your "fan." Simply there are photohostings that pay their partners for viewing their photos. In a word, by clicking on the link, you put a penny in the wallet to the owner of the photo.

2. It's already more serious. You are invited to download a small application for your phone. You download, launch, and there is a picture of a naked girl and the application asks about your age, and 2 answers "yes" or "no." On what answer you would not press, instantly without your knowledge sent to a short number worth 300 rubles. Curiosity is worth a lot! Those who sit in ICQ from the computer, this application does not pose a threat, and a good antivirus will automatically put this blend in quarantine.

3. The most serious problem that can be encountered by clicking on the link is a virus! By clicking on the link, you launch a virus that automatically changes the password from your uin, and sends to all your contacts the message sent to you. In Wikipedia, there were two massive invasions of a similar virus, each of which cracked more than 10,000 ICQ numbers.

The conclusion: never go over the links that came from people you do not know. Even if the link is from one of your contacts, then go only making sure that it was your friend who sent it, and not the burglar of your friend's account.

Change the password only on the official website.

Remember that you can change the icq password only on the official site -! Never change the password from the uin on third-party resources, otherwise you can give your number without resistance to an attacker! In general, do not enter your uin with the password on third-party resources, as well as suspicious programs! Remember that the safety of your weapon is in your hands!

I talked about the most popular methods of hacking ICQ, which are most often used by attackers. After reading this article, you will now know that you can not do in any case, if you want to protect your ICQ from hacking, and other important information. In fact, the threats for ICQ are much larger, but you can read the rest on my website at

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