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Actress Elena Ksenofontova: filmography. All films with Elena Ksenofontova

The popular Russian actress Elena Ksenofontova was born in the city of Khromtau, in Kazakhstan. Later her family moved to Serpukhov.

Childhood Helena

She does not like to remember her childhood. It was not particularly joyful and serene-happy. Her parents broke up shortly before her birth, so the future actress Elena Ksenofontova was mainly brought up by her grandmother. After moving to Serpukhov, the girl's mother tried to give her the most versatile education. And I must say, she succeeded in this matter. Probably, also because Elena Ksenofontova studied very well. She loved literature and history. In addition, she enjoyed painting and music.

Elena's mother worked in greenhouses, later went into business. She opened her own kindergarten, music school, restaurants, shooting gallery. Now she is engaged in her house, makes dolls, signs dishes. In a word, a very versatile personality.

The actress's father has already passed away, but the last few years before his death, he maintained a relationship with his daughter. Younia's younger sister is the director of costumes, and brother Vitaly is seriously engaged in computers.

After the successful completion of high school Elena was going to become an archivist, but in the senior classes she was carried away by the theater. She became a repeated winner of school and district contests of readers.


Unfortunately, right after school, it was not possible to enter the university. The long-awaited event took place in 1994. She was lucky enough to enter the department of Joseph Reichelgauz, who was the artistic director of the new theater School of the Present Play.

Already in the first year of training, the future actress Elena Ksenofontova was invited to the troupe of the theater. Very quickly, the beloved master's pupil began to receive interesting roles. The work of the young actress did not go unnoticed. In 1998, she was awarded the Tamara Makarova Prize .

Dzhigarkhanyan and Rayhelgauz

After graduation Elena was invited to work at once six theaters. She chose Armen Djigarkhanyan's troupe. However, the first work of the master was unsuccessful, and she decided to return to Rayhelgauz. But Dzhigarkhanyan did not give up attempts to return the talented actress.

Elena Ksenofontova: filmography

For a long time Elena Ksenofontova was well known only to theater-goers-regulars. During this period, Elena received proposals to do a movie, but she was too keen on the theater. In addition to all the proposed roles, she is very selective.

Today Elena Ksenofontova, whose filmography is very extensive, has become a well-known and sought-after film actress. Popularity and fame for it came only in 2002-2003. The beginning was laid in the TV series "Taiga". This work Elena offered Valery Todorovsky. On the set, she showed a fanatical love and devotion to her profession. She refused from the understudy and, completely unable to swim, without hesitation jumped into the icy mountain river. In the next work, in the series "Heaven and Earth," Elena Ksenofontova ran on the ice, falling in the snow in a twenty-degree frost. But in fact she was eight months pregnant at the time. Later, Elena played Marina Slutskaya in the series "Optimal City of the Earth", Helen in "The Red Chapel", Maria in "Cadets". The role of Mary was highly appreciated, not only by spectators, but also by professionals. Elena Ksenofontova's films attract her sincerity. She wants to believe. It can make any image close and understandable to the viewer.

Many discovered films with Elena Ksenofontova after the series "Daughters-mothers." According to the actress herself, she did not consider the role in this series as promising, and was very surprised and delighted to see the reaction of the audience. The filmography of Elena Ksenofontova was supplemented by another significant work.

Spectators and experts consider one of the most successful of her role in the film "Yarik". In total, the Russian audience know about thirty works of the actress on television and in the cinema. Especially I would like to mention the series "Theater of the Doomed", "Carambol", "Hunting for genius".

Personal life

She was married twice. The first husband of Elena Ksenofontova is Igor Lipatov. This union has lived for eleven years, but, unfortunately, has disintegrated. In 2002, on the set of the series "Taiga" Elena met her second love. Ilya Neregin is the second husband of Elena Ksenofontova. In this marriage, the son Timothy was born, but a few years later the couple broke up. Today Elena Ksenofontova is the mother of two children - the son of Timothy and the daughter of Sophia, whom she gave birth in a civil marriage.

Films with Elena Ksenofontova

The actress is well known to many on theatrical productions. However, she herself believes that her main vocation is theater. Elena Ksenofontova, whose filmography is quite large, works a lot in the cinema. Today we want to present you her most popular works.

"Taiga. Survival course »

The picture was released in 2002. Its director is Alexander Aravin. The genre of the film is drama, action, melodrama. Elena played one of the leading roles.

"Heaven and Earth"

The series, which was released in 2004. All its action takes place at the airport. The genre of the film is melodrama, crime. Directed by Victor Sergeev.

The Red Chapel

Historical multi-part film (2004). Directed by Alexander Aravin. Genre - a detective.

An objective view of the dangerous and complex work of scouts during the war. Heroes of the tape appear before the audience not only as professional scouts, but also as bright and extraordinary personalities.


The adventure film, which was released in 2005, is directed by Mikhail Shevchuk.

Fate brings five young officers at the outpost of the Tenginsky Regiment, who must play an intricate play to find Prince Golitsyn.

"Hunting for a genius"

The series was released in 2006. Directed by Yuri Kuzmenko. Genre - fantasy, crime. A talented journalist, covering crime, falls into the epicenter of terrible and mysterious events.

«The main caliber»

It was released in 2006. Genre - adventure, action. Director Mikhail Shevchuk.

Sergei, a young producer, is preparing to shoot the film on the records of his grandfather's diary, who in 1943 carried out a special task to detect and destroy the secret fascist laboratory. Together with the group, one of the sponsors of the project, the German Gerhardt, also leaves for the place, who is sure that the gold of the Third Reich is kept in the deaf marshes.

"A woman who is not inclined to adventures"

Melodrama of the year 2008. Directed by Nikolay Mikhailov.

A picture of a seemingly happy woman with a husband, two children and a good job. But suddenly she falls in love. Feelings are so strong that the heroine decides to destroy the family. The husband dies of a heart attack, the children turn away from her, and she leaves for the monastery.

"Night of closed doors"

The tape of 2008. Genre is a comedy.

Every night for the New Year is full of surprises, sometimes not very pleasant. The heroine of the movie Sasha is alone this night. On New Year's Eve, all the heroes manage to understand their feelings, abandon the unnecessary past and meet new love.

"Sleeping and Beauty"

Drama of the year 2008.

Nurse Elena is a little over thirty. Her life flows monotonously, nothing interesting happens in it. But long-standing order changes the case. As a surprise, fate presents her with a fairy-tale prince, and the corpse of a completely unknown man in her apartment.

«Autumn stars»

Melodrama of the year 2009. Directed by Ahtem Seitablayev.

On vacation in the sanatorium, by chance meet former spouses - in the past a famous footballer and a popular singer. All their lives for them the main goal was their own career. Vanity and pride forced them to part. The life lived apart has confirmed the impossibility of their union.

"The Limit of Desires"

Melodrama of the year 2009.

A film about a happy married couple, in love and harmony bringing up two children. Their happiness collapses after a Grave-digger from a long-standing past invades their life.

"Frozen despatches"

Film of 2010.

Starring Elena Ksenofontova and Dmitry Nagiyev. The film about the hunt turned the criminal business on the security officer Dmitry Gromov. In a difficult period for him in his life appears Margot, whom he initially suspects of a double game, but in fact she will be his ally.

"Captivity of Passion"

The work of 2010. Directed by Stanislav Mitin.

Starring actress Elena Ksenofontova and Georgy Taratorkin. Memories of Alexei Maximovich Gorky about his unhappy first love, because of which he tried to take his life.

"Good Hands"

Picture of 2013 year. Directed by Yuri Kuzmenko.

The beautiful head physician of the hospital Olga Savelieva "builds" the abandoned babies in good hands - in the families of wealthy but childless people. He is grateful for this in the form of substantial sums, but does not think that she is selling children, because they would have been much worse off in an orphanage. The son of Olga, 18-year-old Nikita, is killed. The former husband, investigating this case, learns that it is directly related to the activities of Olga.

Elena Ksenofontova, whose filmography is replenished year after year, is always very sincere. She puts 100% of her work into her work. It is for this that she is loved and appreciated by the viewer.

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