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Calculation of the reference budget: definition and factors affecting the cost of search queries

Sites promote on the Internet through search queries, namely key phrases. In accordance with them, the search engine analyzes and displays the site in its issuance. Web pages that are on high positions, always bring more visitors than others. Therefore, correctly selected keywords are the main task of Internet optimization. Now, what is the reference budget?


This is the amount that is planned to spend on the acquisition of paid links in order to increase the number of requests for a website in the search engine results. This method is not often used by companies engaged in promotion and promotion of sites. However, it is quite effective.

Calculation of the reference budget

Key queries must meet certain criteria. Picking up the right ones, you need to evaluate their "cost" (monthly spending on external links with selected keywords). The correct definition of the total cost of all search queries and implies the calculation of the reference budget. If the money is not enough, then to bring the website to the first places, most likely, will not work.

What is the cost of website promotion?

The first is the amount of budget required to purchase links. First, the necessary number of links, their quality, cost, as well as the budget of competitors is determined. Then the labor of the optimizer is estimated. It takes into account the optimal and efficient management of funds, the analysis of the process of competing companies. After that, the final calculation of the reference budget is carried out. The price of links is determined by the frequency of requests and largely depends on their type. The average cost is $ 1500 per month.

The factors that affect the cost of search queries

The estimation of the reference budget should be carried out taking into account some factors.

  1. One of the most important - the frequency of the request, that is, how many times a month Internet users enter the phrase in the search engine. Dependence is the following: the more popular the keyword, the more difficult it is to bring it to the top.
  2. Another important factor is the competition on the part of commercial enterprises, claiming that their website is in the first positions. Separate inquiries are not interesting to commercial companies, while others, on the contrary, are extremely popular. If the search query does not have a high commercial competition, then there will be no problems with its promotion. Determine the competitiveness can be by checking the number of commercial sites. If they occupy 30 seats, then the competition for the request is high. The number of ads in the contextual advertising column is another method of determining the level of competition. Keep in mind that, the more words contain the search query, the more ads you'll see in contextual advertising.
  3. The complexity of promotion in many ways depends on the site itself. Professionally made resource to promote on request is much easier than the young and not very high-quality.
  4. Of great importance are resources where external links are bought. The website should correspond to the subject of the request, and the price of the link should reflect the quality of the site.

Counting the reference budget is a time-consuming, complex and time-consuming process. It requires processing a large number of links to competitors' websites.

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