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Home pincers: how dangerous and how to get rid of

Home ticks are very common around the globe, so they can be found absolutely on every continent where a person built a house. For a long time they have accompanied people, receiving from man not only a house, but also food.

What are these insects?

The mites themselves are very small. Some species can be recognized with the naked eye. Outwardly, they have similarities to forest counterparts. In flats can meet simultaneously to several species from one hundred and fifty varieties. Home pincers very well take the situation, which creates a person his life. Home for them are dusty places, fabric upholstery of furniture, carpeting, mattresses, pillows, soft toys, cabinets and boxes for clothing. They are also attracted to human food. Therefore, ticks are found near food.

What is dangerous?

Bites of house ticks can cause allergic reactions, redness and itching. In children's tender skin, this is manifested in the first place. Due to their invisibility and small size, they do not attract people's attention until they show themselves in bites.

Very quickly occupy new territories and master them. So, when moving to a new apartment, you should take with you a tick-infested object (for example, an armchair, pillow or bed), and they will spread throughout the new territory. And then it is not easy to fight an enemy that can not be seen, and this struggle usually ends not with the complete destruction of the parasite, but with a significant reduction in its size.

Household ticks can penetrate from the outside - on clothes and shoes, on domestic animals (especially dogs that have thick long wool). Throughout their life, ticks, like all living things, give off living products - feces that contain many allergens. Since they live in dust, it is there that the feces of mites accumulate. When you put things in order in the apartment, the dust that has absorbed some of the feces is spinning and hovering in the air. At the person at an inspiration this dust settles down on a mucous membrane, thereby bringing in an organism new allergens. There is an irritating cough, sneezing, a runny nose. If such symptoms appear, you should consult a doctor to determine the cause of the allergic reaction.

Folk ways

When home ticks are found, how to get rid of at home, most people care about, because they did not prepare for this in advance. The most common, accessible and effective methods are as follows:

  • Bedding (pillows, blankets, mattresses), carpets, bedspreads must be worn in the winter in the cold on the street for about 1-2 hours, and in the summer to keep under the open sun;
  • Minimize the number of "dust-collecting" things in the house;
  • To carry out regular wet cleaning of premises;
  • Boil the bed linen;
  • To carry out periodic airing of premises and to not suppose the raised humidity;
  • Use mattress covers;
  • To replace mattresses, blankets and pillows with a periodicity of about 5-6 years;
  • Replace the feather pillows with others having a synthetic filler, so that they can be washed.

Use of chemical agents

Before removing domestic mites with the help of special chemical solutions, it is usually resorted to sweeping with technical means. Among them - vacuum cleaners with a water filter and air conditioners. In modern industry there are quite a few means to deal with these arthropods. Basically, it's solutions, sprays and aerosols.

The use of chemicals also does not give absolute certainty of victory over them. In this case, it is necessary not to neglect the safety measures when spraying these means. They should be used in the absence of people prone to allergic reactions, children and pregnant women. After using poisonous substances in a residential building, it must be ventilated and surface treated with saline solution. Ware dishes and kitchen furniture thoroughly with detergents to prevent the ingress of toxic substances into the body. After correct treatment of the room, the population of ticks sharply decreases. Hence, conditions were created that were not suitable for living such a species as domestic mites.

The photo of such insects would not be informative without a multiple increase. Modern technology allows you to increase and consider the mites and products of their vital activity hundreds of times, understand their structure and see the abilities.

Nutrition and diet

In most cases, the presence of ticks is not an indication that they will bite a person for food. This happens only when their number has increased and they are forced to find food. The "menu" of these arthropods includes human dandruff, peeling skin flakes, hair, feathers, mold and food - cereals, cereals, etc. Exfoliation of skin scales in humans occurs constantly. And if you calculate how many people spend time in bed, then a third of all dead skin gets to mites. Having enough food, they do not seek to leave the human house.

Home dust mites

The bed, impregnated with the remnants of human sweat, is the ideal habitat and feeding place for a huge group of mites. Having a size slightly larger than dust particles, they are able to hide in the most hidden corners of the seams and make their way in any direction if necessary. Thus, the human bed, in addition to its main function - to take tired people to sleep, performs for the uninvited guests the function of a bedroom, a dining room, a toilet and even a cemetery, where homeless mites are buried because of despair. The photo of such ticks looks rather unpresentable.


Avoid getting into the house of ticks is not easy. It is necessary to provide a large number of options for their migration. When you stop for the night you should choose checked hotels with well-maintained rooms. Hospitable owners should take into account that together with guests their house can visit home ticks. You should carefully comb out your pets. Pay attention to redness and bites, not only in the winter season, but also in the summer, when they can be confused with mosquito bites and midges. Do not purchase furniture that was in use by strangers. Attentive to soft toys. Remember that armchairs with fabric lining in public transport can also be their haven, a kind of trans-shipment where home ticks can be.

How to get rid of such insects at home is discussed in our article, but we should also pay attention to the prevention of their appearance in the home. Every day fighting with arthropods will not allow this population to spread to critical dimensions.


Summarizing the familiarity with domestic ticks, we conclude that such neighbors are dangerous for humans not so much bites as their secretions that can cause allergic reactions. Health statistics lead to disappointing data on the high growth in the diagnosis of "allergy". At the moment, this diagnosis is confirmed by every tenth inhabitant of the planet.

Transition from an allergy to a bronchial asthma is promoted by house mites. How to get rid of frequent attacks of allergy? The amount of dust in the apartment is the indicator of the number of ticks. Dust in its smallest manifestations exists everywhere, even where it is not visually visible. And where it is less, there are less favorable conditions for such insects and, accordingly, the population of ticks is minimal.

We hope that you will never encounter this problem, and you will learn about bites from scientific articles. If, however, such a problem appears before you, then you can solve it only by applying the methods that are indicated in this article.

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