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Home pests: how to deal with ants.

Some of the most common domestic pests are ants. They are of two kinds, garden and home. Get rid of them in many ways. Every mistress needs to know how to deal with ants.

If the house does not clean up the trash can in time, leave dirty dishes, store groats in ordinary pouches, that is, a high probability of the appearance of house ants. They come to smell food and bring them very difficult. Therefore, first of all, when you discover an insect, you need to thoroughly clean the room.

In the hardware store it is necessary to buy a special chalk from house ants. They need to process the floor, skirting, walls. If you have found a nest in the process of processing, then boldly sprinkle it with a special spray against flying and creeping insects.

But how to deal with domestic ants with folk remedies? To do this, mix in equal proportions sugar, honey, water, borax, glycerin. The resulting mixture is laid out on metal lids or saucers. Buru can be bought at any pharmacy. Its powder can be mixed with any product, the main thing is that the insects eat it.

Also from domestic ants help snuff, tomato tops, garlic. Due to their strong smell the ants leave the house, so you can pour out or spread these funds on the way of the movement of insects. For the same purpose, you can use cinnamon, yeast, vinegar. Now you know how to deal with ants in an apartment.

When destroying any ants, it is important that the uterus be killed. It is she who gives a new offspring. While she is, no matter how much you exterminate insects, they will again appear. Therefore, it is important that working ants not only eat the prepared poison, but also bring it to the uterus.

In addition to insects living in apartments, there are pests on plants. Therefore, you need to know how to deal with garden ants. If an anthill is located near your site, then you must destroy it. You can do this with boiling water or fire, or you can buy special equipment at the hardware store to destroy the anthill.

If you do not want to do so drastically, then there are other ways to deal with ants. As in the case of domestic insects, use products with a pungent smell, that is vinegar, cinnamon, yeast, garlic and so on. They need to process an anthill. After a while the ants leave the site.

Most often in the garden from the ants suffer young trees. Nests of insects can be watered with a solution of chloric or ordinary lime. It can be poured on ants heap and watered. Such a simple tool will turn them into flight. There is another way to get rid of pests: sugar syrup is poured into plastic bottles. It is important to smear abundantly with the sweet liquid of the lures of baits. They then need to hang to the branches of trees.

How to deal with ants economically and environmentally friendly? You can also plant a bow around the trees - its sharp odor will scare off insects. Uncertain obstacle for them will be rings of resin and clay. Young shoots can be sprayed with a solution of water with linseed oil.

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