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Ownership of the creator, or how to check music for copyrights

This or that information can be protected by the authorship of a certain person. It is difficult for ordinary people to understand all this. For example, how to check music for copyrights?

A bit of history

The right to authorship appeared in Europe, with a large-scale development of books. When this process began to pass easier, it became possible to create copies of books, music. Thanks to this work the author became a market commodity. The owners of books needed some protection from competitors who could easily reprint a book publication and sell at a more favorable price.

On the territory of Russia, full authorship was possible only in the late 17th century. Then, of course, no one thought about and did not know how to check music for copyrights, but still the writers possessed this right and received a certain salary or reward.

Author communities emerged in the 19th century. The first in the list were playwrights. At first there was a society called "The Collection of Russian Dramatic Writers." It was gaining popularity, composers and musicians gradually joined it, and from now on they wished to protect their compositions with copyright.

The essence of authorship

Copyright is regulated by certain rules, which must be addressed when violations are observed. The objects of copyright include scientific, literary, artistic and musical works. Each creation of man is the result of his activity aimed at creating something new.

New can be called a work that has a different form, theme, idea or content. It can be an original literary or musical work, as well as modern processing of an already existing one.

How to check music for copyrights? In this case, it is necessary to understand that, for example, a playwright is the legitimate author of a work when it appears on paper. A musician after the paper sheet will be written notes. But objects may not be complete. Under the protection are sketches of paintings, plans, drawings and excerpts of the literary work.

Copyright registration

How does this process happen? And how to check whether music is protected by copyright? In this case, if a new song or melody is created, for example, there is no need to register it as a special one. Formalities are not needed. The right to authorship arises when the fact of creating music is established.

To protect themselves, the composer can notarize the copyright to his own work. To do this, it is enough to apply to a state or public organization that carries out relevant activities. Then the official registration is made.

Great popularity in Russia is enjoyed by the Russian copyright community. What this organization does is understandable from the title. It carries out activities for the issuance of copyright certificates.

How to avoid violations

How to test music for copyright and use it without violating these very rights? According to the normative act, it is possible to use someone else's creation only by agreeing with the author or an organization that collectively protects the copyrights of citizens. Use someone else's music as a textbook, for criticism or review, too, should only with the consent of the owner.

Often, Internet users who have an active page in one of the social networks, the question arises as to how to test music for copyrights. Officially, you can not do this.

Authorship on Youtube

On the popular and largest video hosting every user can view videos, listen to music tracks and add comments.

The site administration carefully monitors the observance of the authorship rights. You can not post videos and songs without the consent of the owner. The account of a user who violates someone's copyright may be blocked. With those who use independently created videos, such problems do not arise.

Copyright verification on Youtube

So how do you verify the copyright on YouTube music? Is it possible? Many musicians are allowed to use their own tracks without restriction, that is, under a free license-contract, which is concluded between the copyright holder and the user.

It's possible to check the melody for free use on Youtube. You need to go to the site and open a tab called "Video Manager", select the line "Create", located on the left. The music library opens, where there is a lot of music for free use. If there is no desired melody, then go to the tab "Music with advertising." Here are copyrighted songs and melodies. Here is the answer to the question of how to test music for copyrights.

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