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Seasoning zira - delicious and fragrant spice

Seasoning zira (cumin) is a fragrant spice that grows in Central Asia, Iran and India. Outwardly, it is very similar to cumin, which quite often leads to some confusion in the process of creating culinary masterpieces.

Origin of spice

Cumin or seasoning zira is a dried plant seed that belongs to the umbrella family. The homeland of this spice is the Middle East and North Africa. Today this plant is also cultivated throughout the Transcaucasus, Asia and the Mediterranean. The name "zira" in our country has strengthened firmly, since initially such a seasoning came to us from Central Asia. The second name of this spice (cumin) Russian residents learned only after it began to be delivered from the West. Zira - seasoning, which is collected from the "umbrellas" of the plant (like dill) in an immature state and dried in the open air. The collection of such seeds is quite simple.

Appearance and taste of spices

Externally, the seasoning of the zira is a small greenish-gray (sometimes dark) seeds (3-5 mm in length) with pointed tips. As a rule, the aroma of such spice is revealed only after it is fried in a dry frying pan or ground with a mortar. At the moment, there are several species of cumin, but their smell is slightly different from each other, except for the spices that grow in India and in Afghanistan. As for the last state, then from there black mountain zebra with a gentle "smoked" aroma is brought to our country.

How to apply spice

Seasoning zira is very often used in the preparation of meat dishes. So, when creating the Uzbek pilaf, use a small and dark spice, which grows wild in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Of course, while cooking such a dinner, you can use Indian zir, but you should know that these two species can differ in flavor and smell (for example, as apples: antonovka and rannetka). It is also worth noting that in different countries, cumin is used in different dishes. For example, people in Mexico prefer to buy zir in the form of powder and add it to various sauces and marinades. In Morocco and Algeria, this spice is involved in the preparation of a roasted brochure (a kind of lyula-kebab) and couscous. In the Middle East, cumin is actively added to fish dishes, as well as to lamb, chicken and vegetables.

Zirka Seasoning: Beneficial Properties

Cumin is often added to various dishes not only to feel its flavor and taste, but also to give the dinner useful properties. After all, everyone knows that zira is good for appetite, and it also regulates digestion. In addition, this spice perfectly copes with the problems that arise against the background of any gastric diseases. Cumin is allowed to be used to taste in absolutely any dishes. But while seasoning it is recommended to fry in a dry frying pan and grind with a mortar. Also it is useful to use it in the form of infusion (1 small spoonful of seeds per 1 cup of boiling water, to insist for a quarter of an hour).

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