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Beluga caviar: types and properties

The least known representative of sturgeon is the beluga. The largest of the freshwater fish. It is known that some of the caught individuals weighed up to one and a half tons. Beluga caviar goes to food, moreover, it is the most expensive product of animal origin.


In general, this creation is really huge - a capture of a specimen 4.2 meters in length was recorded. There are suggestions that you can meet individuals up to 9 meters with a weight of 2 tons, however, such cases have not been documented.

This fish lives very long, up to a hundred or more years. Unlike salmon, dying immediately after spawning, caviar of beluga is not the cause of its death. Nerastitsya these fish can many times. After laying eggs, they return to habitual habitats.

Beluga is a predator, eating fish. Begins to engage in robbery, while still a fry in his native river. At sea trying to manage fish, but sometimes snacks with shellfish. In some of the captured specimens, newborn seals were found.

Fish has long been listed in the Red Book. Currently, her catch is banned, buying and selling any of her parts, including caviar. However, on the black market you can buy any of the parts. Only now it will take several years to wait. The matter is that the livestock of beluga has considerably decreased. In recent years, much less caviar is entering the black market than those wishing to buy it. At the main suppliers of the product caviar is bought up in advance, for 4 years ahead. In addition, this fish is protected by the legislation of all countries, so those who sell these products violate the law. As well as those who acquire it.

Almost all beluga caviar is deposited in the Volga basin. All available species of beluga differ from each other habitats. Since both meat and caviar of this fish have a very high price, attempts have been made to breed it in captivity. However, what is now declared at the fish-processing plants as beluga, in fact it is not - it's just a mixture of noble fish with others that do not have such a high pedigree.

Types of caviar

In ancient times it was impossible to imagine a solemn supper in the royal house, if there was not a main dish on the table - black caviar of beluga. Black, however, it can be called with a stretch. In fact, it has a dark gray color. The smell of caviar is specific, the taste is nutty.

A variety of eggs is one, but there are many colors. And the more light it is, the higher its cost. The most expensive is the beluga albino caviar. A more refined and refined taste has a product from an older fish. The color of the eggs from such a rare creature is white, with golden glimpses. The intensity of shine also directly depends on the age of the fish.

White beluga caviar, like the product of other shades, does not tolerate contact with dishes made of metal - it kills the taste. Serve this product has long been accepted or to a cool champagne, or to vodka, cooled as much as possible.

This caviar is the largest, its diameter reaches 6 mm. The price, it can be assumed, also depends on the size of individual grains, on the degree of their maturity and even on the place where caviar was harvested. The most valuable fish is caviar, which lives in the basin of the Caspian Sea.


Beluga caviar is rich in various groups of vitamins, phosphorus, calcium, molybdenum, magnesium, fluorine, sodium, iron. Each of these substances is necessary to maintain the body healthy and beautiful. In addition, the meat of the beluga on the fifth part consists of a protein that is easily fully digested, giving the body the amino acids so necessary to it.

Fatty acids are contained in caviar and meat of beluga in less quantity than in other sturgeons, however it is an excellent supplier of omega-3 fatty acids, without which the process of stabilization of intercellular processes is impossible. They have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, reduce the likelihood of a stroke or heart attack.


The composition of the product itself indicates its usefulness for the body. It is recommended for use in dietary nutrition, with gastrointestinal diseases, for the prevention of heart problems and other ailments. However, considering how much caviar beluga-albino costs, as well as caviar of other flowers, it is unlikely that someone from ordinary citizens will be able not only to eat this product, but even try. However, not everyone will see it.

Both the fish and caviar beluga are very high-calorie dishes: 100 grams of meat contain 150 calories, while in caviar - 250. However, based on the price for every one hundred grams, one can not worry too much. It is unlikely that it will be possible to eat enough to ensure that the product can affect the nutritional value of the diet.


Beluga caviar, the photo of which reminds us what this product, which has disappeared from the diet, can be contraindicated only to people with an individual intolerance to the product.

Price list

The prices for this product are shocking and shocking. The most expensive is caviar of beluga-albino. It is so expensive that it is packed in cans made of gold. This "gold stock", whose weight is less than 100 grams, is estimated at about 2 thousand dollars. A kilogram of a unique product will cost $ 23,000. At a similar price, you can also purchase vegetable caviar. Only instead of a kilogram will have to use 13 tons of this tasty, undoubtedly useful, however quite inexpensive and not exclusive product.

Beluga caviar, which is not albino, costs less, but not enough to become available to most buyers. Its price varies from 10 to 19 thousand dollars per kilogram, depending on the color of caviar. The lighter, the more expensive. And the older the fish that gave this caviar, the higher the cost.

If you are offered to buy inexpensive beluga caviar - be absolutely sure, it's not her. This can be caviar hybrids, artificially derived, or even the masonry of some other fish. Even if the seller says that he gives so cheaply, because the money is urgently needed / another reason - in any case, do not believe. No one will sell good, high-quality, real caviar of beluga below the average market price, and the more will not do it in strange places and markets. In the end, people who are really capable of acquiring such a product do not go to markets.

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