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"Sloboda" (oil): all about this product

Sunflower oil is an indispensable product that every hostess needs to prepare a great variety of dishes. Therefore, the choice of oil - this is quite serious. After all, what we eat depends on our health.

In this article we propose to consider sunflower oil Sloboda. Let's discuss the quality of the goods of this manufacturer. We learn about the feedback of customers.

"Sloboda" oil. About the manufacturer

The brand "Sloboda" belongs to the food company "EFKO" (Russia). This manufacturer has proven itself in the market since 1996.

The first production, which produced "EFKO", was unrefined vegetable oil, which was called "Sloboda butter fragrant." This product has become very popular among the people, so the company decided to expand the range of production and add new products to its list.

The next step was the production of a deodorized oil. It was not an easy production. In Russia in the late 90s of the last century, no one was engaged in deodorization. The necessary installation was very expensive. But despite this, in 1997 the company released a refined product. "Sloboda" (butter) is a very popular table.

Types of sunflower oil "Sloboda"

Over the long years of its work, the manufacturer has significantly increased the range of its products. Various types of oils are offered to the attention of buyers. Let's consider which ones:

1. "Sloboda" - oil for frying. This product is currently sold in bottles with a bright red label. This oil is used not only for frying, but also for deep-frying. Specially developed composition does not allow the formation of carcinogens when heated to the maximum possible temperatures.

2. "Country". This type of oil is recommended by the manufacturer for filling salads from fresh vegetables and greens.

3. Refined with the addition of olive. This oil is recommended for cooking various dishes, but not for frying. The presence of olive oil increases the benefit of the product due to omega-6 acids, but this product remains in an affordable price range for people with moderate incomes.

4. Unrefined flavored. Suitable for fresh salads and cooking cold dishes. Has a pronounced smell of sunflower.

The Benefits of Vegetable Oil

Why is it so important to use vegetable oil in our daily diet?

Let's look at the useful properties of this product.

Vegetable oil contains vitamins A, D and F that are very important for our body. The first one is responsible for vision and immunity, the second is for the health of bones and skin, and the third is the most important antioxidant that preserves our youth and prevents cancer.

The composition of sunflower oil includes very important polyunsaturated fatty acids. Such as linoleic, linolenic, stearic, arachine and some others that are very important for the human body and play an important role in the development of the circulatory system and the construction of cells.

Vegetable fats are much better absorbed by the body, if compared with animals.

Sunflower oil does not contain cholesterol, therefore it is recommended to use it not only for a healthy diet, but also for people who are sick with atherosclerosis.

Sloboda oil: reviews

One of the few products that has so many positive reviews and single negative ones.

Since the manufacturer offers oil to customers not just one kind, but several options at once, then everyone can choose the kind to their taste. Some dishes will be good with fragrant oil, others with deodorized. And the variety is always like the consumer.

An equally important role in positive reviews is affected by the affordable price. Value for money is very worthy, which can not but affect demand.

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