City of Vienna - a place that will not leave you indifferent

City of Vienna ... Close your eyes and imagine this place. What will draw your imagination? Most likely, it will be magnificent palaces and majestic plazas, numerous squares and picturesque streets. True? But in fact, this majestic European capital is very valuable for curious tourists.

Section 1. The City of Vienna. General information

The climate in Vienna is temperate. In winter, there are often snowfalls, and in summer - a lot of sun. It is believed that the best time to visit the Austrian capital is early autumn and late spring.

In Vienna it is convenient to go by metro. The ticket costs € 1,5. And it should be purchased in special machines located at stations, drivers of vehicles and in tobacco kiosks. Tickets for all types of public transport (electric trains, metro, trams and buses) are the same. There are disposable, preferential. You can also purchase an annual and weekly ticket. Of course, you can rent a car. And you can take a taxi.

The national currency in Austria is currently euro. For lunch in the cafe will have to pay about € 8, and for the hotel room - € 40. Foreign currency can be changed without problems. Prices in the retail network are fixed.

Section 2. The City of Vienna. Features of the holiday

A visit to the shops is necessarily among the interests of most tourists. Here you can buy a variety of expensive and elegant things. You can visit designer stores. Those who are interested in antiques, be sure to look in Dorotheum. Lovers of fashion jewelry first come to the universal store "Shipekk".

For those who like to enjoy a cup of fine aromatic coffee, there are so many wonderful cafes in Vienna! These numerous establishments and small restaurants of the Austrian capital are the inalienable attributes of this fabulous city. Cafe under the open sky in the warm season - this is a wonderful oasis. Great interest for connoisseurs is represented by Viennese wine taverns, where they sell fine wine.

In Vienna, you should try tafelspitz - rump, which is cooked with greens. Serve this wonderful dish with apple puree, spinach and horseradish. This dish was very fond of Franz Joseph, the Austrian emperor. In addition to tafelspitza, he was very fond of an omelette, which was served with plum jam - Kaisershmarren.

Section 3. The City of Vienna. Spending time interestingly

In this city you can have a great time. In addition to walking through the picturesque streets you can enjoy the opera and visit the famous museums of this city.

Vienna ... The map of the city in Russian is sold almost everywhere, so problems with orientation on the ground will not exactly arise even for those travelers who have been here for the first time.

Magnificent palaces, cathedrals and churches will not leave anyone indifferent. Couple in love very much like to visit this city. Beautiful Vienna Wood is able to surprise with its picturesqueness. In the warm season, you can relax here, admire the views of the wonderful nature and visit the cozy restaurant.

Unique Vienna ... The old town attracts crowds of visitors in many ways thanks to the famous Vienna Opera. It is not for nothing that the capital of Austria is considered the cultural capital of the world. You can come here and for the usual production, and the tickets will not be too expensive, and you can and the opera with the participation of world stars.

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