How did Neskuchny Garden originate in Moscow? How to get there by public transport?

Neskuchny garden is the oldest park in Moscow. It is part of the Gorky Park of Culture, located between Leninsky Prospect and Moscow River. Near the house number 14 on Leninsky Prospekt you can see the main entrance to Neskuchny Garden. How to get there by public transport? There are several options. For example, from the metro station "Oktyabrskaya" it is possible to drive three stops on any trolleybus. You can also go by land transport from the metro station "Leninsky Prospekt" or walk from "Shabolovskaya".

History of the Neskuchny Garden

There was a Neskuchny garden, when for the royal family were bought three estates belonging to the families of Orlovs, Golitsyns and Trubetskoi. The first owner of the estate Orlovs was the famous industrialist Demidov. He was fond of botany and arranged in his estate a magnificent botanical garden, in which there were about 8000 species of various plants. Orlov, having become the owner of the estate, built fashionable pavilions and gazebos at that time, erected several monuments in honor of military victories. Emperor Nicholas I united the bought-out estates and gave his wife Alexandra Feodorovna. For the new mistress, the palace was rebuilt, which has been perfectly preserved to the present day. Now it houses the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The building of the palace is located near the main entrance. From here it is good to begin a walk in the garden, since in this part of it the buildings of the palace complex are perfectly preserved.

Moscow, Neskuchny Garden: how to get there by public transport?

The territory of the Neskuchny Garden is huge - about 60 hectares. In addition to the main entrance, there is one more from Leninsky Prospekt. But already without such beautiful gates, decorated with sculptures, as it can be seen at the main entrance to the Neskuchny Garden. How to get to the second entrance near Gagarin Square? Very easy - walk from the metro station "Leninsky Prospekt". Leaving the metro, go to the other side of the road to house number 30 - and you are in Neskuchny Garden. If you are on the embankment, you can walk from the Vorobyovy Mountains along the Andreevskaya Embankment and walk to the Pushkinskaya Embankment. This will be the entrance to the Neskuchny Garden. If you are in the Gorky Park of Culture and Recreation and want to go from it to the Neskuchny Garden - how to get there so as not to get lost? The Pushkin bridge, connecting the banks of the river, Pushkinskaya and Frunzenskaya embankments, should serve as a landmark.

In this place, as if the park ends and the Neskuchny Garden begins. How to get from here to the metro station "Frunzenskaya"? Very simply - go across the bridge across the river and walk a bit along the Frunzenskaya embankment, further along the underground passage to the metro.

Different generations of Muscovites like to walk in Neskuchny Garden. There are romantic corners for lovers of couples, ancient bridges, fountains, gazebos. In this place it is good to have a rest for families with children. Here the issues of the program "What? Where? When? "In the Hunting Lodge of the Trubetskoy Estate. This is a very beautiful place. Many wedding tuples come to Neskuchny Garden. In Moscow, photos at the wedding can be done in many places, but more and more couples choose the enchanting corners of the Neskuchny Garden for them.

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