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Remembering childhood: the dance of small ducks

A beautiful, carefree and fun time is a childhood. Perhaps she is the best in life. Mom and Dad are young and beautiful, the grandmother and grandfather are nearby, and everyone is ready to sing, dance, draw and play with the kids. Only children know how to laugh so sonorous and contagious. Their eyes glow with happiness, and what you will not do to multiply this happiness. In general, and need a little - just to sincerely love, cherish and be around.

Children are restless and mobile, active and creative. Their energy splashes over the edge. They do not care how they get a dance or a song, if they want and they like it - they will sing and dance, no matter what. Even in the kindergarten, the musical director and choreographer or tutor learn with the little ones the dance of small ducklings. The song attracts children with its sparkling play, and they happily copy dancing ducklings. Movement of hands and body, endless "quack" and naughty laughter create a festive mood in any weather.

"Dance of small ducklings" was born in Davos, Switzerland in the 1950s. It was created by the famous musician Thomas Werner, a Swiss by nationality. He specialized in accordion play and harmonica. The main idea of the dance also belongs to him. And then it began ... And then it turned ...

Following the Swiss children, the children of the whole world began to enjoy the dance of small ducklings with pleasure. Musicians and composers from different countries began to make literary translations and write arrangements, so that everyone understood the essence of the song. Various, even the most famous artists, such as Al Bano and Ramina Power, considered it their honor to light a glimpse of the joy in the children's eyes. In 1982, this funny song burst into the Foggy Albion. Bob Kimes then created her English version. English kids also danced the dance of small ducklings. The text of the Russian version belongs to the pen of Yuri Entin. It can be safely asserted that this light children's song is known all over the world. There are German and Czech, Estonian and Finnish, Greek and Italian, Japanese, Korean and many other variants.

The technology of this dance is simple. The movements are uncomplicated. It's easy and fun to get a dance of small ducklings. The text of the song is quite long and usually the following movements are done under it: for every two lines, you first need to squeeze the palms, and then wave your elbows, imitating the wings. Then sit-ups and pelvis rotation, as an imitation of tail movements. Next you need to get up and clap your hands. For the entire time of the song, four repetitions of each set of movements are obtained. The chorus makes a small respite, during which the hands are bred in the sides in imitation of a swan flight. The main idea of this movement is the transformation of the ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.

Fun and fun dancing young ducklings dancers kindergartens on holidays. They look at them with emotion, recalling their childhood. Selflessly and recklessly dance it and adults during corporate parties, weddings and other events. Nobody left indifferent little ducklings from Switzerland.

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