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Natasha Saint Pierre - biography and creativity

Natasha Sen Pierre is a Francophone Canadian pop singer. She was born in 1981, on February 10, in Bathurst (New Brunswick). She appeared on Eurovision as a representative of France. In the repertoire of the singer there are compositions in Chinese, Spanish and English. But most of the works are in French.


Natasha Saint Pierre was born in the Canadian province and began her career in Quebec. The creative way was opened in 1996 together with the release of the album Émergence. The international debut took place in 1999. She played the Fleur-de-Lys. The production was realized on the London stage. Natasha Sen Pierre gets an opportunity to represent France at Eurovision. The contest was held in Copenhagen in 2001. There she took the fourth place, performing a lyric ballad called Je n'ai que mon ame. Our heroine was recorded under the guidance of talented producers and authors, in particular Steve Barakat, Rick Allison and Pascal Obispo.


Now you know who Natasha Sen Pier is. The singer's albums will be presented later. In 1996 the disk Emergence was recorded. In 2001, the album À chacun son histoire was released. In 2002, the performer pleases listeners with the Encontrarás plate. In 2003, the disc L 'Instant d'après appears. The next album comes out in 2006 and is called Longueur d'ondes. In 2008, a record of Natasha St Pier was recorded. In 2012, the Bonne Nouvelle CD appeared. 2013 pleases fans with the release of Thérèse - Vivre d'amour. In 2015 the album Mon Acadie is published.

Interesting Facts

Natasha Saint Pierre was recognized as the star of the French song in 2003. By that time she had already released four albums. Her father's name is Mario, he's the director of the prison. A mother named Marie took care of the elderly. Music carried away our heroine from early childhood. She took singing, dancing and piano lessons. For the first time she was on stage at the age of eight. Her talent was recognized by the music teacher, who supported our heroine. Before gaining world fame, she managed to perform on a variety of family celebrations, festivals, city holidays.

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