How to get the MHI policy, what documents are needed for this

Compulsory medical insurance protects the interests of Russian citizens in the field of health. In the life of each person, situations arise where medical care may be required, whether it be a sudden illness or an annual preventive examination. The policy of compulsory medical insurance guarantees that the citizen will be provided with medical assistance in any city, on the territory of the whole country. What is the principle of its operation and how to obtain the MHI policy?

Prior to the onset of 2011 on the territory of Russia, the rules were in place, according to which the working citizens received the MHI policy from their employer. 2011 brought some changes, now you can get a policy not only in the place of work, but also independently, in the insurance company.

In order to find out how to obtain the MHI policy, you can go to the site of the territorial department for health insurance, there is all the detailed information. A citizen has all the rights to choose an insurance organization. Old policies received before 2011 are also valid, they can be used until replaced on a new document.

In order to obtain a medical policy, you need to perform several simple actions. First, an insurance company submits an application specifying information about the company you want to insure. After this, after a certain time, in the territorial fund you will receive a policy or a temporary certificate.

In addition to the application to the insurance company will need to provide some more documents:

- for children under 14 years of age, a birth certificate, SNILS, a passport of one of the parents is required;

- for citizens of Russia over 14 years, a passport (or a document replacing it) is required and SNILS.

- for persons who fit the definition of "refugees", there is often a question of how to obtain a policy in the Russian Federation. To do this, they must produce a certificate of refugee status or a certificate that the appropriation of this status is under consideration by official bodies;

- citizens of other states permanently residing in Russia, to obtain a policy provide a residence permit, passport, SNILS.

How to obtain MHI policy for stateless persons? To do this, a representative of this population must also write an application to the territorial medical insurance fund and provide a document showing that this person does not really have Russian citizenship.

Since 2011 the medical policy is issued untimely and is subject to replacement only in some cases:

- if the citizen changes his / her surname, name or patronymic;

- if the place of residence is changed;

- if the policy was not previously issued to a citizen or was lost to him;

- if the insured has expressed a desire to change the insurance company.

Sometimes citizens wonder how to get the MHI policy if unusual situations occur, for example, changing the sex or date of birth. In such cases, you just need to file an application with the insurance organization to reissue the policy and, upon presentation of mandatory documents, obtain a medical policy.

The policy of medical insurance has full force in the territory of the whole state, irrespective of in which subject of the Russian Federation it was issued. If you are going on vacation or business trip, be sure to bring this document with you, if necessary, you will receive assistance in any medical institution, and all polyclinics and hospitals are obliged to do this for free.

In order to find out the phone numbers and addresses of insurance organizations that provide policy making services, you can simply contact the nearest polyclinic or call the territorial health insurance fund.

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