Origami for the New Year as a gift

New Year is the most favorite holiday at any age. A green fluffy tree decorated with colorful balls is the main symbol of this day. In addition, the New Year is an excellent time to show caring and attention to your native people. Today we will see how you can please your friends by making with your own hands a charming origami for the New Year as a gift.

Origami is translated from Japanese as folded paper. This is the ancient art of folding elegant figures from colorful sheets. For the first time origami appeared in China, where the main material for hand-made articles was discovered. To create original gifts for the holiday, you need only colored paper, scissors and a little patience.

Elegant Christmas tree

The herringbone frame and each of its twigs are made in the same way, but from paper of different sizes. However, the herringbone and without twigs and needles will be a wonderful decoration for your friends' desktop. It all depends on your patience.

1. To prepare a single piece, take the square of the desired size. We bend it, marking the diagonal and the transverse fold. Fold the square into a double triangle.

2. Each corner is bent toward the middle, and then straightened.

3. Turn the resulting model and bend the opposite projecting corners inward.

4. On each side of the resulting diamond, the lower faces are bent to the middle. Fold the sharp top.

5. Carefully unfold everything, not straightening completely, gently push on top and turn out the workpiece.

6. Fold the lines in the reverse order, and the Christmas tree is ready.

Further, if desired, prepare a lot of small Christmas trees on the same scheme and glue them to the main tree. It turns out an excellent origami for the New Year, which you can give, for example, colleagues at work.

Modular Christmas tree

Another origin The original origami technique for the New Year is the creation of figures from individual elements. Try to make a beautiful modular origami. A gift for the New Year in the form of an original Christmas tree is sure to be appreciated by your friends and acquaintances.

1. Make the blanks of the modules according to the rules of the classic origami. For such a Christmas tree you will need 250 modules of a light green hue and 400 - a dark blue hue.

2. To make the Christmas tree, let's start preparing the first rows of twigs. To do this, the two modules are inserted into the two nearest corners of the third module. The third row is constructed by joining the corners of the second row and new models. We alternate light green and dark green colors. Thus, for the manufacture of one branch, 12 rows of modules will be needed. Then we connect 5 identical twigs into a single ring. This will be the basis for our future Christmas tree.

3. Make an intermediate ring of 7 modules and start to prepare the next ring of smaller twigs. The next ring will also consist of 5 identical twigs. Thus, we prepare 4 rings, reducing the size of the branches.

4. The top of the Christmas tree of origami on the New Year is made as a twig of 8 rows. It remains to put the crown on the tree, and our gift is ready.

So, modular origami for the New Year is the best gift for relatives. Having many friends and relatives, everyone can be congratulated with an original gift. Happy New Year!

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