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Safety valve with adjustable water pressure

Any equipment that is located in an apartment building must meet all the safety requirements. By its work, it should not in any way call into question the safety of health, which is true even in the event that there are any malfunctions. Any device, it should be equipped with special elements that can negate the possibility of risk of harm to human health. Among other things, these parts are designed to minimize the likelihood of damage to the device in the event of all kinds of malfunctions. As one of such parts for water heating equipment is a safety valve with pressure regulation. The main purpose of this element is to save the boiler from excess pressure.

Need to use

The element described above must be present on every model of the water heater, because in the absence of this spare part, the water heating equipment will not function properly, and subsequently the owner of the device may face the need for expensive repairs. It is easy to avoid, having an important element that should be in its place.

The principle of the non-return valve

If you are interested in a safety valve with pressure regulation, then you should familiarize yourself with the principle of its operation, which is not difficult. In appearance, this element can be compared with a sanitary tee, but the design features of these elements are significantly different. In the area where the water is supplied, a locking mechanism is installed, through which the liquid can move only in one direction, entering the heater vessel. The work of this element is extremely simple, but very effective. At the moment of achieving approximately the same pressure, the above-mentioned locking device operates, which eliminates the possibility of returning the liquid.

Solving the leaking problem

If the pressure at some point exceeds the critical value, then the protective function will start to function. It is worth mentioning that the lateral tap operates on the same principle, however, as a difference, it can be noted that the impressive pressure leads to a weakening of the spring and a decrease in the pressure in the vessel, which is filled with hot water. In some cases, these phenomena cause an extensive leak from the device opening. You will notice how the water begins to drip. Experts say that although this phenomenon is normal, because it is for this purpose that the device is created, it is still possible to solve this problem. Some owners do not even bother about this. If you do not like the puddles that appear on the floor, which are formed due to leaks, you can install a hose, one end of which connects to the outlet of the valve, while the other - with a sewage system. If you use a safety valve with pressure control, and during the operation of the equipment there is a leak that caused you to install the hose, then you can improve the aesthetic characteristics of the room. For this, the drain is provided by a pipe or a hidden hose, which will improve the appearance of the equipment installed in the house.

Valve Installation Technology

A safety valve with pressure regulation is usually sold together with water heating equipment. That is why the installation of these elements is carried out in parallel. This does not always happen, at times the installation of water heating equipment is carried out without using the described element intended for protection. In this case, experts recommend to fill the gap by purchasing a spare part separately.

Methods of work

Installation work does not involve special difficulties, but for this the master still needs to have some experience and knowledge. If a person does not have them, then as an optimal solution there will be an option that involves asking for help from specialists. They will perform the installation according to all existing rules.

If the hydraulic safety valve with pressure control is installed by you yourself, then remember that the element is fixed after the shut-off valve. It should be located under the tank, leaving a drain hole free. After carrying out the work, you must make sure that the equipment is functioning correctly. Many manufacturers produce the described devices with the possibility of verification. The implementation of the test by the own means is real, since the technique is in most cases prescribed in the device instructions. To test the valve, it will be necessary to turn the handle to the side. It is important to determine the direction of travel by reading the operating instructions of the device. As a result, water must seep. Such checks should be carried out from time to time, so that in case of breakdowns you have the opportunity to find them on time.

Council of the master

It should be noted that a pressure relief valve with a pressure control for the compressor may have a different device. It is best to ask about the operational features of the master who will be engaged in the installation. If you intend to carry out the data of the work yourself, you should familiarize yourself with the instruction in which all the nuances are spelled out exactly. Thus, if we are talking about equipment brand "Ariston", then the model of this manufacturer does not provide for the drainage of water from the boiler. To implement this manipulation, it is necessary to additionally mount a special valve in the form of a tee. A number of device settings can be adjusted, but professionals do not recommend doing it themselves, if you do not have the proper experience in this area.

Possible problems with valve operation and ways to solve them

A safety valve with pressure adjustment for the water heater may not operate properly during operation. In doing so, you must begin to identify possible causes that contribute to this. Initially, you should check all the items of equipment, as any spare parts can break down and become unusable. It is worth remembering that safety valves, thermostats and heating components are the most susceptible to failure, and they should be checked first.

Recommendations for work

If the system uses a safety valve with water pressure adjustment , it is connected to the above-described elements. This indicates that there may be problems with spare parts that work in pairs. Owners of equipment note that the check valve has an impressive cost, so if you repair the used item it is not possible, then you can buy a new one. To do this, you need to know the model of the device, as well as the working pressure with which it operates. This information is contained in the user's manual, sometimes it can be found on the case of the device.

As a further problem, mud and scale may interfere with the proper operation of valves and water heaters. The solution to this problem can be the equipping of the supply pipe with filters. If the system is operating at too high a cold water pressure, the valve may leak during operation, this is true even if the installation was carried out according to all rules. To solve this problem, you can purchase a gearbox with the required characteristics.

Additional problems

If the safety valve with pressure adjustment has been installed by hand, then after some time of use it can wear out, as a result the element loses its user characteristics. Spares in this case do not cope with the solution of their tasks by one hundred percent. You must be prepared for the fact that the valve requires a periodic change to a new part. In this case, it is not recommended to save, as this can cause unplanned costs for the purchase of a working device.

Characteristics of the valve brand V205

If you decide to purchase an air safety valve with pressure regulation, you can prefer the above model. This element is used to automatically protect the device from unacceptably impressive pressure. The spare part is made in Italy and deserved popularity among modern users. The element has the possibility, expressed in manual pressure relief. The material is nickel-plated brass. If we are talking about the model V206, then there is no possibility of manual reset. The material is brass, which is not covered with a protective layer during the manufacturing process.

The temperature during operation can vary from -25 to +180 degrees Celsius. The connection can be made by means of a coupling or internal thread.

In the market of modern materials, you can find a safety valve with a pressure adjustment UV-55105, which has an affordable price and a long service life. You can prefer it for the equipment.

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