What kind of washing machine to choose if a baby is born soon?

There are so many devices for washing clothes today that you can think for hours about which washing machine to choose. Let's reflect together.

If you are two in the family, and the child is expected to appear, then you need a small vertical washing machine. In the load compartment of the laundry of such an aggregate the child does not crawl, and when he starts walking, he does not immediately realize how to open the drum.

You can also buy a unit with a horizontal load of laundry. But then you should pay special attention to blocking the hatch and control panel. This protection against children allows you to start washing only by consecutive or simultaneous pressing certain keys. No one manufacturer guarantees 100% protection from children in such devices. After all, kids are often persistent and stubborn in such a serious matter as pressing the buttons.

If you are still thinking about what type of washing machine to choose, read the news about how an American dad accidentally washed his child.

So, you need a device in which the laundry is loaded from above. This is an excellent reason to continue to advise which washing machine to choose.

Look for a vertical unit that has protection from children. So you will be insured. After all, a child can climb a chair when he grows up a little.

It should be noted that it is not so easy to find a vertical dumb with protection from children. But in online stores you can find devices with a silent engine. The control panel and access to the load of laundry are at the top. Therefore, the child can not independently start the machine, affect the washing course and open the drum for laundry. In addition, the device does not take up much space in the bathroom, in the kitchen or in a combined bathroom. Judge for yourself: height - 85 cm, width - 40 cm, depth - 60 cm. With such dimensions, the drum can take six kilograms of dry linen and process it in intensive mode in only half an hour. To this can be added a delayed start, which can be programmed on the electronic display.

Considering which washing machine to choose, pay attention not only to vertical loading and protection from children. Since it is often necessary to wash for the baby, the energy-saving class is important. The most economical units have the designation "A ++". In addition to saving energy, it is desirable that the vertical machine is still equipped with full protection against leaks. In some units, this protection is only partially realized. Otherwise, all the vertical units are very similar. Their electronic control systems allow you to economically consume water and control the spin, depending on the weight of the laundry.

If you are not afraid of the child's intervention in the laundry described in the beginning of the article, you can buy a machine with a horizontal load. What kind of washing machine to choose from the horizontal devices, determine by the presence of a mode of protection from children, noiselessness of operation and maximum guarantee for the engine, which can last up to ten years.

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